Filed Under (How-To) by emanuelr on 28-01-2010

In my last post, I discussed how I use my blog to share resources and past presentations with participants (and others).  I generally give them a list of links for the topic on a sheet of paper.  But most importantly, I like to give them a short, sweet link to my blog site–and usually directly to that post where the “goods” are posted rather than to the whole blog site where it might disappear from sight after subsequent postings.

To do that, you could give them: http://blogger.com/pottypartyblog/2010/8/2609/15/how_to_know_when_its_time_to_go_to_the_bathroom/ (No joke–this was a hot topic with my son  during potty-training last year!)  Most blogging software just gives you an address that contains the entire title you used in your post. That makes for really long addresses. Even if you keep it short, it’s still too long.

Or you can give them bit.ly/is4mgs (a link to a real blog post).

Personally, I can remember the second one much better and write it more quickly. I also expect fewer errors of transcription for my participants as they squint at the font on my handout or up at my poor handwriting on the board.

I shortened the link address using a bit.ly.  I have also used tinyurl.com. Of the two, I have found bit.ly to be more customizable and easier to use. Many bloggers load bit.ly widgets into their blogs so that anyone who shares the link to a post gets a shortened one. Pretty handy! I will whenever OSU Central Web Services allows it (one of these days, I hope).

If you use Twitter and you are giving out a link (to your blog, for example), then use one of these handy services to shorten the post and you’ll save valuable characters out of your 140 allotment.