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The evening dinner and social program recognized the contributions of retirees Jay Rasmussen and Jim Waldvogel, along with the departure of Mikell O’Meally, former Sea Grant Fellow and, more recently member of the Advisory Council.

Then … and now

Jay Rasmussen

Jay Rasmussen

Jim Waldvogel

Jim Waldvogel

Mikell O'Meally

Peggy Harris, Mikell O’Meally, Steve Brandt

(More photos can be seen on the Oregon Sea Grant Flickr gallery)

Note: Embedded video doesn’t seem to translate well into SlideShare. Here’s a slightly longer version of the YouTube video Mark included in his presentation:

Filed Under (Live-blogging, Sea Grant) by admin on 16-02-2010
  • OSG traveling exhibit is available to check out for your use at conferences, meetings, festivals, etc. Contact the program office in Kerr to reserve the exhibit.
  • Eric Dickey has been tasked with coming up with a tsunami preparedness poem or mnemonic device. Steve: “Eric has a master’s in poetry. I think that may be the problem.”
  • Steve: “My Secret Plan is – the Strategic Plan.”

Goal: to strengthen the base (strengthen our strengths and grow the program capabilities.)

Our strengths:

  • Long-standing, well-supported program
  • We have many partnerships
  • We are an integrated research, extension, education and communications team.
  • Neutrality – the ability to bring a broad range of partners together without taking positions on issues – our role is as a trusted broker.
  • Nimbleness – ability to create new initiatives when new funds come available
  • Breadth – faculty in seven departments
  • Competitive research selection process
  • Strong evaluation process

Program growth – Where?

  • How can we take advantage of our leadership and strengths in areas such as social sciences and renewable energy?
  • Are there critical gaps in our expertise (climate? Columbia river?)
  • What is our No. 1 programmatic priority?


  • Develop action coordination teams
  • New initiatives
  • Integrated proposals for program development