That’s the title Rob Emanuel, Mark Farley and I came up for the presentation Jay and the OSG leadership team asked us to put together for the February 2010 “all-hands” meeting of Oregon Sea Grant.

It’s a big subject, and one that’s growing fast  as people come up with clever  new Web-based tools for connecting, collaborating and engaging with each other.

We  hope to give you a taste of the subject, some of the questions it raises (such as “How the heck does this relate to my work?” and “Why is it worth my time?”), and get you thinking about how and whether some of these tools might help you in your work.

Meanwhile, we’ve been pulling together some background material, from research papers to nifty videos, to links to other bloggers who’ve been doing the heavy philosophical and pedagogical lifting on this emerging field  (You’ll find the blog links to your right, and the rest behind the  “Reference Shelf” tab at the top of the page).  And be sure to read Rob’s more detailed entries, below, about his own experience integrating social networking tools into his work as an Extension specialist on the North Coast.

We hope to continue developing and discussing the subject here as time and our busy lives  permit.

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As the term implies, social networking is two-way (or many-way) street; feel free to comment on  entries, to point to other resources or examples,  ask questions, argue with us – and to participate in the blog itself. Any OSG employee with an interest is welcomed to join the blogging team; just contact  Pat Kight for an account login.

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