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Did I say I don’t like rules? Hah! Once again, a good source proves me wrong:

10 Simple Rules of Live Tweeting at Scientific Conferences (published in PLOS Computational Biology). Great practical tips for getting the most out of Twitter at your next conference. (That includes conference planners, who should claim a hashtag early and promote it on all conference materials, from name badges to the conference program). Do it right and your own Tweets can also be a good record of what you saw/heard/learned/who you met that you’ll be glad to have when you get back home with a bad case of conference brain.

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I’m not generally crazy about articles titled “X Rules for …” and I’ll confess that jargon like “inbound marketing methodology” gives me the shudders, but this article from Higher Ed Marketing has some good, practical advice for going beyond posting regularly on Twitter, Facebook etc., and and building relationships with your followers, even when you’re using social media for professional purposes:

6 Rules for Social Media Interaction According to Inbound Marketing Methodology

(Prepared for OSU Training Days, Oct. 27, 2015)

Here’s some additional background material for you to explore at your leisure. Feel free to bookmark this blog for future reference. If you have questions, contact Pat Kight.

Writing style guides

Additional tools:

Further reading

  • Articles on writing for the Web from the Nielsen-Norman Group (one of the longest-standing research groups studying how people use the Web. The entire site is worth bookmarking if you’re interested in human-screen interaction.
  • The Pew Internet and American Life Project – ongoing research into the evolving ways Americans use the Internet. Tons of fascinating information that can help guide your Web-building decisions.