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Twitter hashtag: #SeaGrantAcademy

I’m talking social media this week as part of the Oregon Sea Grant-hosted Sea Grant Academy, a biennial orientation and training session for new Sea Grant Extension faculty from all over the country. By the time we’re done, I hope to see everyone tweeting (with the hashtag above) about their Academy experience and connecting with each other for future . Welcome, all!

Here, for future reference, are some of the resources I’ll be mentioning:

  • Oregon Sea Grant’s social media page, listing all of our program blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and miscellany. These are maintained by individuals and teams across the program; I assist by setting up blogs and Facebook pages, on request, for those (mostly Extension faculty) who need them, and providing troubleshooting and tips on best practices.
  • Social media management tools, two overviews:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
    • Sea Grant programs on Twitter . Be sure to follow your own program, and those of programs with whom you collaborate.
    • Hunt down your university’s media relations/pr Twitter account and follow it. They will almost certainly return the favor, with potential benefits to you and your work.
  • Blogging platforms (Bottom line: WordPress leads the pack; Blogger is all but dead; Tumblr is interesting if you want to put a lot of effort into crafting the visuals).
  • Other ways to share your work with the world:
    • Photo sharing:
      • Flickr – Free accounts offer ample storage; Pro accounts are effectively unlimited. Images are not downsampled so quality remains high. Easy to create topical albums.
      • Instagram – the essential phonecam sharing app.
    • Video:
      • YouTube … there are others, some fancier, but YouTube is where most people go to find video. Offers easy embedding code for your blog, Website, etc. Free.
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