Coastal Hazards & Climate Change

Community Resilience to Coastal Hazards and Climate Change – Part 1

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Sea Grant Topical page

Francis Chan


Concerns include

  • Deoxygenation of the oceans
  • Ocean acidification

These are not just tropical, distant-future issues. Oregon’s coastal ocean is already facing these problems. Sites just 10 miles off Oregon’s shore have serious acidification and hypoxia cycles. Since the 1960s we’ve seen significant changes in ocean oxygen off the Oregon coast.

Chan’s project will deploy sensors off the central coast to monitor changes in ocean acidification. They will collaborate with others doing monitoring and measurement to try to determine the scope and scale of the problem.

Outreach challenges range from “it’s so far in the future we can’t worry about it to “I don’t believe it’s happening.”

Chan will work with Sea Grant outreach and educators to come up with ways to inform the public = and policy – with the best available science.


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