Oceans & Human Health

Oceans & Human Health

Tania Siemens, Tim Miller-Morgan

Sea Grant topical page

Issues we address

  • Invasive species
  • Clean boating/Clean Vessel Act
  • Safety at sea
  • Pharmaceuticals from the sea
  • Pharmaceuticals in water supply
  • Antibiotics in ornamental fish

Watershed vs. Coastal Focus?

  • Overlapping and interconnected
  • Importance of regional approaches to addressing invasives
  • Partnering with local centers, councils, etc. to train teachers about invasive species

Ornamental fish health

  • We work to improve animal health and husbandry all over the world because that’s where the fish come
  • SE Asia is main source of fish – and they are increasingly antibiotic-resistant, and carrying disease bacteria which include human pathogens – and which may also be antibiotic-resistant
  • Antibiotic resistance tends to come with cultured, not wild ornamentals

Other SG projects

  • Community based social marketing to educate boaters about clean water/pumpout stations – and potentially other subjects (invasive species transport)

We could address

  • Acidification
  • Dead zone
  • Tsunami debris
  • Bioaccumulation and seafood safety
  • Emerging viral and regulatory issues related to ornamental and food fish imports and exports.
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