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An excellent short tutorial on creating compelling presentations that convey meaning without putting your audience to sleep. Worth taking five minutes to watch.

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The number of Flash presentations attempting to at one time load from the blog’s home page was causing some people’s browsers to stall, making the presentations unavailable. I think I’ve fixed that by reducing the number of posts that display in a single screen, and cutting one presentation-heavy post into three parts. If you experience problems with page loading, comment here to let me know.


Advisory Council – Merritt Tuttle: Sea Grant’s new Confluence publication looks at people’s attitudes toward preparing for a coastal tsunami, and quotes Sea Grant’s Pat Corcoran : “Until there is a behavioral change, my job isn’t done.” That’s true for Sea Grant, too.

Tuttle advised Sea Grant to:

  • Seek someone from the South Coast to fill one of the Advisory Council vacancies. Without an Extension Sea Grant presence in that area since the retirement of Jim Waldvogel, we run the risk of losing touch with, and support from, people on the South Coast.
  • Solicit advisers with expertise beyond fisheries – a banker, for instance – to add breadth to the council
  • Look for ties with experts in pharmacy, chemistry or toxicology to helpĀ  us address some of the issues of toxic runoff, pharmaceutical water pollution and other chemical/biological threats to marine resources

Issue area discussions:

Small groups gathered to consider:

  • What are the big ideas and issues we need to address?
  • Where can we strengthen our program?
  • How do we continue to integrate all aspects of Sea Grant to address these issues?
  • What can Sea Grant do to help?

Photos from the meeting: