(Presentations by Joe Cone and Pat Kight, Sea Grant Academy, Oct. 24, 2011)

Oregon Sea Grant blogs mentioned in Pat’s presentation can be found in our links, to the right.

NEW: The Social Media Revolution

Great new video illustrating the “why” of social media:

Additional resources:

  • Our two-part coverage of  Julia Whitty’s spring 2011 workshop on Blogging for Science:
  • Slideshare – as seen above – is an excellent option for putting your presentations on the Web as  compact, fast-loading Flash slideshows. Added bonus: Nobody can swipe your slides.
  • National Sea Grant Program Facebook page, including links to all Sea Grant program Facebook pages.
  • Sea Grant Week 2010 – Sea Grant communicators joined forces to liveblog the New Orleans Sea Grant Week for their peers who could not attend. Value added through presentations, photographs, etc.
  • Extending Extension – Jennifer Jahedkar of Texas A&M blogs about e-learning
  • http://blogs.extension.org – Just getting started, the eXtension Foundation‘s effort to help Extension faculty across the country start blogging. Potentially good hosting option if your institution doesn’t offer a blogging platform.
  • Electronic Papyrus – Extension communications faculty at Oregon State University blog about instructional communications.
  • ReadWriteWeb – One of the most popular information technology blogs, and among the best for those who are truly interested in the changing tech landscape.

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