Day 1 short takes

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  • OSG traveling exhibit is available to check out for your use at conferences, meetings, festivals, etc. Contact the program office in Kerr to reserve the exhibit.
  • Eric Dickey has been tasked with coming up with a tsunami preparedness poem or mnemonic device. Steve: “Eric has a master’s in poetry. I think that may be the problem.”
  • Steve: “My Secret Plan is – the Strategic Plan.”

Goal: to strengthen the base (strengthen our strengths and grow the program capabilities.)

Our strengths:

  • Long-standing, well-supported program
  • We have many partnerships
  • We are an integrated research, extension, education and communications team.
  • Neutrality – the ability to bring a broad range of partners together without taking positions on issues – our role is as a trusted broker.
  • Nimbleness – ability to create new initiatives when new funds come available
  • Breadth – faculty in seven departments
  • Competitive research selection process
  • Strong evaluation process

Program growth – Where?

  • How can we take advantage of our leadership and strengths in areas such as social sciences and renewable energy?
  • Are there critical gaps in our expertise (climate? Columbia river?)
  • What is our No. 1 programmatic priority?


  • Develop action coordination teams
  • New initiatives
  • Integrated proposals for program development
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