Writing exercise #6

I generally tend to be a healthy individual and have only taken antibiotics a handful of times in my life.  I developed strep throat a few years ago and was given an antibiotic drug treatment. This type of infection is best treated by antibiotics which are safe, inexpensive, and work well on this type of bacteria when taken correctly (1). The treatment was about two weeks long and I remember experiencing relief only a couple days after beginning it. In a case like this, and in similar cases, I would advise in favor of antibiotics use to treat the infection. Studying antibiotics in other classes has led me to discover that generally, antibiotics are safe and effective when taken correctly. It is necessary to complete treatment, even when the infection seems to have subsided in order to eliminate all the infectious organisms which can develop immunity to the antibiotic. This would make it extremely difficult to treat a recurring infection. I currently work in a medical setting and have first hand experience working with patients. I know that discussions held during an office visit are very often forgotten later in time. Because of this, I would be very conservative when considering this treatment and would emphasize the importance of completing treatment when advising on this medication.




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