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Tribal Grant Supports STEM Camp

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Congratulations to another Oregon Coast STEM Hub partner who has received funds to provide STEM education experiences for students living on the Oregon Coast. From the Oregon Coast Daily News: Siletz Tribal Grant will Help Students Go To Earthquake Camp: The Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation is excited to announce that it was awarded a […]

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ROV Displayed at Aquarium

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Students’ Underwater Robot Returns to Aquarium after Trip Abroad Oregon Coast Aquarium Newport, Oregon—At first glance, a cube of PVC pipe trailed by a string of wires and cables is a puzzling presence for some Oregon Coast Aquarium visitors in the new exhibit, Secrets of Shipwrecks: Part History. Part Mystery. In the exhibit, it represents […]

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S.S. Morning Star Update

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The student-built unmanned sailboat S.S. Morning Star has entered new territory! Educational Passages reports that the vessel launched from the University of Washington’s R/V Thompson last August is alive and well just north of Hawaii. This is the furthest west that any of the GPS-equipped 5 foot sailboats in the program has traveled in the Pacific Ocean, […]

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