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About the Slice

Who am I?

So I’m a senior this year. I saw that we got a wordpress blog for the university started and thought, “Hey I should make a blog.” I’ve been around long enough to know some ins and out as well as have some rants and kudos to post.

I have some other blogs already but figure another one couldn’t hurt right? Maybe I’ll just double dip some of my posts if need be. Who would care anyhow?

Whats with the name?

Orange Slice? Well, I figured I’m just another slice of the big “I am Orange” pie. Why not? Plus I figure I have experienced a pretty good cross-section of OSU during my time here. I was also hoping it would be a little catchy. Got to do everything I can to get people to read this right?

What do you write about?

I write whatever I want. But just about 9.9993% of the time its going to do with being a student. What else would I have to talk about since it is most all my life right now?

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