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That Which I Can Control…

In life there are things we can control and things that we can’t. Sometimes learning to accept what we cannot control is the moral that we need to learn. Other times, such as for me right now, it is learning to deal with what we can control. Self control many times is a rough road to stay on.

Often I get really frustrated with myself when I allow that which I do have control over to run awry. Simple things really: doing poorly on a test when I could have studied but procrastinated; getting a ticket because I didn’t keep an eye on my speed; or even getting out of shape by not finding time to exercise.

Many times these things happen because I’m lazy or don’t have the motivation to do it when it needs to get done. Sometimes it is because I don’t have time in the day but even that is usually because I put things off.

Its frustrating when you know you are perfectly capable of achieving far more that you currently are. I don’t expect everything to go my way when I do everything right. I just expect more than when I’m being habitually lazy.

I need to get better at productivity. Productivity isn’t necessarily about being able to cram more into your day. It is about doing what you already do except more efficiently and with better quality.

This takes self control. Self control is HARD! Freaking HARD! Probably the hardest thing you can learn to make your life simpler and easier. It doesn’t change what you have to deal with but it does change how you deal with it and the possible consequences that come from that.

Hard is good. How do I keep that in mind? I watch Brad Stine. (I’ll add a video of his later). Hard builds character. Hard refines us into better people. Great achievements are always hard.

Mystery of the Trysting Tree

Within a vale of western mountains,
There’s a college we hold dear.
Her shady slopes and fountains
Oft to me appear.
I love to wander on the pathway
Down to the Trysting Tree,
For there again I see in fancy,
Old friends dear to me.

Carry me back to OSU,
Back to her vine-clad halls;
Thus fondly ever in my
Alma Mater calls.

It is a worthy land grant college
by the noble Lincoln planned.
Her sons’ and daughters’ knowledge
tills and guards the land.
So honored by her name forever;
Sing the praise of OSU.
Ah, naught in all the world can sever
friends once true to thee.

I’m working on my fourth year at OSU and didn’t become aware of the words to our Alma Mater until sometime last year. I had played the song in band many times but didn’t know one single lyric to save my life.

After finding out the lyrics I found myself wondering, “What in the world are trysting trees?” The encyclopedia describes them as trees of any species which have through their individual prominence, appearance or position been chosen as traditional or popular meeting places for meetings for specific purposes. This begged the question, “Does OSU have a specific trysting tree?”

As seen above, I found a picture from the cover of the original music. There it clearly depicts a a tree (trysting¬† tree perhaps?) in front of an OSU building. The building looks to be that of Strand Agricultural Hall or StAg as most students call it now. Right now I’m not exactly sure if that tree is still standing. That is also assuming it wasn’t an artistic addition.

I did a little more checking and found this picture on the back of the original OAC fight song.


carry me back

This picture confirms that it is StAg Hall but looks to be taken in front of any possible trysting tree. I plan on checking this out next time I pass by.

Hello World

So I have an OSU blog. What now? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Feel free to bask in its glory. I updated the appearance as well as the About page (now entitled “About the Slice”). I considered putting more about myself in it but figured people could find that out by reading the blog. That’s partly why you’re reading it right? Err…(just humor me please).