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Need another course for Fall term?  September 2nd, 2014

ALS courses online

ALS 116 is back at Ecampus!  CRN:  20812

Target audience:  students taking online classes who have been at OSU for several terms or more and want to improve their understanding of how they learn and/or specific academic skills such as time management, reading, note taking and testing.

A great option for returning students who have had a rough term and need to reset, or who feel they aren’t performing to their academic potential.

ALS 116 assignments start Week TWO of the term.

ALS 108 (Online Success – intended for new Ecampus Students) and ALS 114 (Career Decision Making) are offered every term but are currently full for Fall term

Fall term courses

New Course list attached to e-mail

Quick update around the Biological Science BaccCore course CSS 205/SOIL 205:

SOIL 205 has been changed to CSS 205.Soil Science (4 credits) and will be offered every term.

Corvallis Campus
Students will now enroll in the three credit SOIL 205. Soil Science course (offered fall, winter and spring terms) and choose a co-req of either:
*the one credit SOIL 206.Soil Science Laboratory for SOIL 205 (offered fall, winter and spring terms)
*the one credit FOR 206.Forest Soils Lab for SOIL 205 (offered only spring term)

Important changes to your HDFS curriculum: A message from our Associate Dean  August 20th, 2014

Dear Student:

I hope you had a refreshing summer and are energized for the upcoming year! I also want to make sure you are aware of the College of Public Health and Human Science’s updated policies on minimum grades and course repeats.  These policy changes take effect Fall 2014.   Below you will find the text from University Catalog that describes the policies  These policies are not retroactive and will affect courses taken Fall 2014 and moving forward.  If you have questions after reading the FAQ sheet (below), please do not hesitate contacting your academic advisor.


Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Oregon State University

College Requirements

A grade of C– or higher is required in all courses in a student’s Major Program of Study, effective Fall term 2014.

  • This includes all courses listed on the online course catalog.
  • Prerequisites for courses in the major and Baccalaureate Core courses, not being used to meet Major Program of Study requirements, are not subject to this policy.
  • Some majors have additional grade and/or GPA criteria, which must be met in addition to this grade policy.1

1 Programs having more specific grade minimums are Dietetics option within the Nutrition major, Pre-Public Health, and Pre-Therapy Allied Health option

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences does not accept third-course attempts either at the university or transferred in from other institutions to meet individual course requirements within any major effective Fall term 2014.

  • Third or subsequent attempts taken prior to Fall term 2014 may be considered to meet major program of study requirements.2

2 The Exercise and Sport Science and Athletic Training majors stopped allowing third or subsequent course attempts effective Fall term 2013.

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Academic and Grade Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

I reviewed my MyDegrees and it appears that some of the classes I took aren’t showing correctly in my audit because I attempted a class a third time before this policy took effect.

If you believe there is an error in your MyDegrees, submit the MyDegrees Error Form to have it reviewed by an academic advisor here:  Third or subsequent attempts to complete a major course requirement prior to this policy going into effect are allowable as long as they are completed before Fall 2014.

I took a class the first time and receive a low grade, so I retook the class and received an “F” grade. Then, I took the same class a third time at another institution. How will this credit appear on my transcript and will I receive credit for my major?

The first attempt of the class would be excluded from your University (OSU) GPA and the second attempt would be included in your cumulative University (OSU) GPA. Since the second attempt was a failing grade, you have not earned any course credit for the class. Therefore, you could transfer a passing grade for the class to the University from another institution. The passing grade would give you more earned credits for the transfer course towards graduation. However, the second attempt at the University would remain in your University (OSU) GPA. Additionally, if the third or subsequent course attempt must be completed prior to Fall 2014 to count towards applicable majors (excluding Exercise and Sport Science and Athletic Training, which stopped allowing third or subsequent course attempts in Fall 2013).

I am earning grades of at least “C” or greater in all of my major courses. Does my major have any other grade or GPA criteria I need to be aware of?

Some majors have additional grade and/or GPA criteria which students must achieve and maintain, which may be higher than the college standards outlined here. Consult your academic advisor for careful planning in conjunction with your academic and career goals throughout your time as a student at the University. Additional information can be found at

Congratulations to our Ecampus HDFS graduates!  June 9th, 2014

Congratulations to those of you who are graduating this term!  We know how hard you’ve worked to get to this point and we are very happy to have been a part of your journey!

–Aaron and Josie

Important dates and deadlines coming up quickly!  May 14th, 2014

Hey Ecampus!

Can you believe we are already heading into week seven?!   Hope you are surviving midterms with flying colors and can already see the light at the end of the tunnel (if not, you can always try using a flashlight).  Check your MyDegrees Planner to make sure your spring term schedule is up to date.  If not, call our office 541-737-8900 or stop by to schedule an appointment soon to avoid the last minute rush.


Friday May 16th by 5PM – LAST DAY TO S/U  (any course NOT required for your major/option)

Change of grading basis forms:

Friday May 16th by 11:55PM – LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW from a course

“W” recorded on transcript (no impact on GPA.)  You can do this via web unless there is a hold on your account, in which you must contact Registrar’s Office for assistance.  

Sunday, May 18th- Fall Term PRIORITY REGISTRATION Phase 1 begins

Check your portal for assigned time/date to register which is based on credits already earned.

Thursday, June 5th – Fall Term PRIORITY REGISTRATION Phase 2 begins

Check your portal for assigned time/date to register which is based on credits already earned.

DEAD WEEK – June 2-6th

FINALS – June 9-13th

Grades available on web – June 18th

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the CPHHS Office of Advising.  Our Peer Advisors are often able to answer your questions or set up an appointment with Aaron or Josie at a convenient time during business hours Monday through Friday.

Take care, finish strong and Go Beavs!

Aaron & Josie

Career Symposium videos available for you FREE!  April 30th, 2014

Greetings Ecampus HDFS students!

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences hosted the 2014 Career Symposium on April 10th.

One item we wanted to accomplish was the recording of a few sessions for you to view at your convenience since many of you do not have direct access to participate with on campus events. Below are the links.

We are in the process of getting them onto the Ecampus home page and possibility to posting to YouTube. In the meantime you can click the links below to see the sessions!

Let us know if you’d like further information!

“Career Trail Exploration”

“Resumes and Cover Letters”

“Graduate School Tests”

Aaron & Josie

Time to request your 2014-15 Registration PIN!  April 22nd, 2014

Hi everyone,

Fall term 2014 priority registration begins May 18th (your date/time will likely be shortly after this the 18th) and you will need a registration PIN.

What does ‘priority registration’ mean anyway?

Priority registration is for degree-seeking students. To find out when you can register;

  • log in to Student Online Services, select “Registration,”
  • Select “Check Your Registration Status.”

Non-degree students will also need to check the schedule for registration dates and times.

Phase I allows students to register for a max of 16 credits.  Phase II allows them to add another 3 credits.

Priority registration happens in two phases based on total credits (credits earned plus those credits currently in progress).

Please choose one of these options to receive your PIN on time:

1)  Set up a phone appointment by calling 541-737-8900 to talk about course scheduling for next term and to receive your PIN. Make sure to identify yourself as an Ecampus student looking to set up a phone appointment with an Ecampus HDFS Advisor.


2)  Prepare a proposed plan for Fall 2014 (in My Degrees Planner) and notify an HDFS advisor through email that you have done so. We will review, make suggestions and save your PIN in your My Degrees Audit System (considering the volume of students that we serve at this time in the year, if you would like to discuss topics outside of course scheduling please make a phone appointment).

Our schedules can fill up very quickly (up to 2-3 weeks out), so I would encourage you to contact us or make an appointment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ensure that you are able to receive your PIN in time for registration.

Hope you are having a great term!

Aaron & Josie


Summer Session Registration starts April 13th!  April 3rd, 2014

Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder that Summer registration starts April 13th.  (see for more info)


  • We are about to enter an “open” phase of registration for summer. We have reserved HDFS based courses for you as an Ecampus student until April 30th when remaining seats in e-campus sections of classes are free for on campus students to grab, so please take advantage of this J YOU WILL NOT NEED A PIN for summer registration.


  • If you are wondering what to take and are waiting (patiently for an advisor response or appointment, thank you for your patience), please refer to My Degrees to look at your degree checklist. It highlights what you are in, what you still need and captures credits…  Do you need or want to take an HDFS core class eg: 311, 313, 314, 341, 360… Do you need something else in the support course area? Psychology 201, 202, SOC 204, WR 327 ? HDFS elective? HDFS 444, 447? Bac core?  See this link for how to get to My Degrees:


2014-15 PINs available soon!  April 2nd, 2014

Hello Ecampus HDFS students!

We hope Spring term has started out strong for you (and that you’re starting to enjoy a little Spring weather wherever you are).  Your 2014-15 Registration PINs will soon be available (around Week 5 of the term), and we require that you speak with us regarding your upcoming terms before we will release your PIN to you.

Please make an appointment with us (either phone or in person) to discuss your upcoming terms.  If you are unable to speak with us you can work out a few terms in your My Degrees Planner, and then email us so that we can then go in and review the plan for you.  Once we have reviewed your proposed plan we will then release your PIN to you.

To make an appointment to speak with either of us you can call 541 737-8900 and let them know you’re an Ecampus student needing to talk with Aaron or Josie.

Go Beavs!

–Aaron and Josie                                               

Here’s to a successful Spring term!  March 28th, 2014

Hello, Ecampus HDFS students!

We hope you were able to enjoy some down time during Spring break!  The new term starts on Monday so be sure you are ready to go with everything you need for your classes.  Please remember to let us know if you have any questions!

–Aaron and Josie

Fall exchange at Fu Jen Catholic University–Ecampus students can study abroad too!  February 21st, 2014

Hi all!

Wishing you could do a study abroad experience? Not sure how to fit it into your schedule? Did you know that the College of Public Health and Human Sciences has a study abroad program offered in Taiwan?  There is space for 10-12 undergraduates from the college to spend Fall Term, 2014 at Fu Jen University in Taipei. No language requirement for OSU students, although most take an elementary Chinese language class while in Taiwan.  Two classes are taken with FJU students who speak English, and two courses are only OSU students. You get OSU credit for the courses (16-17 credits), and meet the Contemporary Global Issues Bacc Core requirement. Returning students report that their experience was life-changing!!! It would be difficult to find a more economical exchange, with program fees and other expenses (airfare, housing, food, etc.) only about $700 more than attending classes at OSU! No out-of-state tuition, and all financial aid can be applied to program costs.

Contact Dr. Leslie Richards, HDFS professor, for more information:, 541-737-1071.