Clickers and Canvas

January 9, 2015

Students who had their clickers registered last term will not need to do anything to have their device registered in Canvas. Jon Dorbolo is going through and manually adding in all clicked previously registered to blackboard.
If the student did not register the clicker last term, they will need to register it normally at so they their OSU ID is tied with their clicker number. Even if the student has not registered the clicker, they still need to bring it to class cause they will get the points once they register it.

If there are any detailed questions beyond the process, send them to TAC at (541)-737-3811


Jade Trujillo


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Service Desk

January 6, 2015

The Service Desk should now be accepting laptops and other mobile devices now. Let’s get back into using this with the term starting up again.


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Service Desk and Grade Submissions (December 15th, 2014)

December 15, 2014

Service Desk will not be accepting laptops as they will be undergoing internal maintenance and projects that they must complete.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jeff.


Grades are due today at 5PM – for instructions on how to upload:


-Brad Hutchison

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Jade Trujillo 8am-11am 12/4/2014

December 4, 2014

Dead Queue
Dead Week

Hey Brad, were we doing this posting thing correct? Should we make sure to post EVERY shift or should we only use this for major events such as BB outages and MyDegrees being down, ect.

Also, make sure to remind everyone of the mandatory meeting today at 5:30pm in the Journey Room of the MU. Pizza will be provided I hear

Jade Trujillo


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Jade Trujillo 8am-11am 12/2/2014

December 3, 2014

Just realized how backwards my post titles have been. The special word(s) of the day is MyDegrees!!!

MyDegrees is down and currently being looked into by the Office of the Registrar’s tech team. Requested that they call us when it is back up, but go ahead and check on it if  you’re bored. There is a master ticket already (#0300902), so go ahead and inform users and set to WFRM and stuff.

Go Gettum Champs,

Jade Trujillo


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December 1, 2014

Closing shift upstairs, it was very quiet as perusual. We had a total of 3 calls since 5 pm and we have been working on our homework since finals are coming and there was nothing pressing to do. Everyone here has submitted their hours to Jeff, don’t forget that they are due tomorrow morning 9AM!

We need some sort of snacks or something for this shift, hunger kicks in hard at this time of the day.


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December 1, 2014

Low volume of calls, made sure that everyone knew where they were on scheduling for next term and reminded them to contact Jeff if they had any issues. Queue hist 0 at one point and currently has a ONID reactivation. Other than that there this was a quiet shift.

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Google Mail Disabled

December 1, 2014

Based on ONID’s response and personal experience, users that have a disabled notification when attempting to use their Gmail shortly after get disabled in ONID too. However we are still waiting on a response from ONID too see if there is any other cause for that issue.

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December 1, 2014

Queue started at 120 (I know we all wanted to know), got it hammered down by 9:45. For the most part it is a lot of people having minor blackboard issues. Having them clear cache/cookies as an initial solution.

Jeff extended the due date of our schedules to Tuesday@ 9AM. He came upstairs and said he only got about half of them in. Make sure everyone on your shift gets these schedules in by.

Sorry you were alone on your last shift Jorge.



Jade Trujillo

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November 26, 2014

Really quiet. Seems as though Blackboard questions are ramping up.

Somethings to note:

  • Associate tickets with their ONID when possible [there were some WFR-M that were on exchange accounts]
  • When doing a Compromised Account notification don’t forget to fill in the what happened to me section
  • When a customer calls in about a forgotten password and they don’t have alternate contact info for a PIN get it from them so that we can send a WFR-A to check in if they were able to change their password

There wasn’t anything else going on today aside from the fact that i was alone for a hour :c

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