The Oregon Agricultural Extension Association regularly participates with the NACAA to recognize outstanding achievement by its members. The NACAA offers two opportunities, the Achievement Award (AA) honoring members with less than 10 years experience, and the Distinguished Service Award (DSA)presented to deserving members with more than 10 years experience. Awards are presented at the National Meeting.

Award nominations are submitted each year with the previous DSA recipient automatically serving as head of the selection committee.

Previous winners include:

2019 Clive Kaiser Cassie Bouska
2018 Willie Riggs Sergio Arispe
2017 Gene Pirelli Dustin Johnson
2016 Darrin Walenta Nicole Anderson
2015 Steve Renquist Luisa Santamaria
2014 Shelby Filley Gail Langellotto
2013 Mylen Bohle Fara Brummer
2012 John Williams Clive Kaiser
2011 Chip Bubl Melissa Fery
2010 Ross Penhallegon Barbi Riggs
2009 Brian Tuck Sam Angima
2008 Troy Downing Amy Derby
2007 Sandy Macnab Cory Parsons
2006 Tim Deboodt Pete Schreder
2005 Mike Gamroth Shelby Filley
2004 Art Poole Mary Corp
2003 Randy Mills Marni Porath
2002 Gale Gingrich Christina Howell
2001 Michael Howell Troy Downing
2000 Jay Carr Derek Godwin
1999 Dave Chamberlain Phil Hamm
1998 Ron Hathaway Bob Pawelk
1997 William Rogers Amy Peters
1996 Gordon Cook Mylen Bohle
1995 Mike Stoltz William Riggs
1994 Robert Rackham Jerry Maul
1993 Gary Schneider Dan McGrath
1991 Arden Sheets Ben Simko
1990 Ken Brown Bill Rogers
1989 Dave Burkhart Paul Oester
1988 Ken Killingsworth Gene Pirelli
1987 Ralph Hart Randy McAllister
1986 Paul Rauen Jay Carr
1985 Ray McNeilan Chip Bubl
1984 Martin Zimmerman Mike Howell
1983 John Leffel Mike Gamroth
1982 Lynn Cannon Ron Hathaway
1981 Clayton Wills Art Poole
1980 Oris Rudd Craig Riggert
1979 Don Berry John Burt
1978 Ray Novotny Clint Jacks
1977 Walt Schroeder
Don Anderson
Greg Tillson
AA Award instituted
1976 Wayne Roberts
Jack Wood
1975 Don Walrod
Jim Huber
1974 Lloyd Baron
Earnie Kirsch
1973 Rufus Cate  
1972 Fremont Sprowls
Don Rassmussen
1971 Robert Marsh
Clive Cook
1970 Ken Minnick
Lee Foster
1969 Ray Peterson
Nels Anderson
1968 Harry Sandquist
Earle Jossy
1967 Ben Newell
Louie Gross
1966 N. John Hansen
Elgin Cornett
1965 William Farrel
Leeds Bailey
1964 Palmer Torvend
Clifford Cordy
1963 H. G. Smith
S.A. Jackson
1962 Ethan Linden Woods
O.E. Mikesell
1961 LeRoy Wright
Walter Jendrzejewski
1960 Roland Parker
E. M. Hauser
1959 George Jenkins  
1958 W.S. Averill  
1957 Victor Johnson  
1956 Charles Henderson  
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