Sep 30 2011

Go Greek Days

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Hi Everyone!

I know that Formal Recruitment can be a bit confusing for everyone so I just wanted to give you guys some information about how things work on each day!

Go Greek Days:

These days take place in the MU Ballroom and are split up in to three days.

Sunday: Last names A-L
Monday: Last names M-Z
Tuesday: Everyone!
If you cannot make it to the assigned day, you may attend the opposite day.

The attire for this day is campus casual. Jeans and a cute top will work perfect.

Checkin begins at 5:30, go up the big staircase in the MU to recieve your information packet. You will then head to an assigned orientation room in which Rho Gammas will explain what is in your packet and a little more information on how the process works. After orientation has been completed, you may head down into the ballroom!

In the ballroom there will be a table set up for each chapter in which they will have member representatives waiting to greet you. This is your chance to visit the chapter booths and get to know their members, ask them questions about their chapter and sorority life, and get acquainted with the process of recruitment. You must visit all ten chapters.

Rho Gammas will be in the ballroom to assist them, feel free to ask them for help, they will be wearing white shirts. The Panhellenic Executive council will also be available for questions, they are wearing grey shirts. These women are there to help you so please do not hesitate to ask them any questions you might have!

My advice to you: make the most out of this time. This is your chance to get to know some of the members from each of the chapters. Ask them anything, and before you go, think about what qualities you would like in a future sisterhood. This will help you start the acquaintance process. On that note, try not to visit the chapters in groups of three or more. Remember this is their chance to get to know you as well, and it’s harder to do when there is a lot of you in one group.

At the end of Tuesday night, you will meet your Rho Gamma and the rest of your walking group. This will begin at 8:30. They will then take you to the computer lab where you will rank the sororities in order of which chapter you feel like you fit best with. The Rho Gammas will give you more instructions on this when the time comes.

I know this may seem overwhelming, but have no fear we are here to help you and don’t be afraid to ask questions :)

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