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The Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) is a partnership organization between Oregon State University and the University of Washington to support wave and tidal energy research and development in the United States.

NNMREC exists to:

  • Develop facilities to serve as an integrated, standardized test Center for U.S. and international developers of wave and tidal energy;
  • Evaluate potential environmental, ecosystem, and human dimension impacts, focusing on the compatibility of marine energy technologies in areas with sensitive environments and existing users;
  • Study and consult on device and array optimization for effective deployment of wave and tidal energy technologies;
  • Improve forecasting of the wave energy resource; and
  • Increase reliability and survivability of marine energy systems.

We use this blog to share the thoughts and stories associated with this fast-paced, growing topic. Have a question, comment or story idea, send a message to anthony.casson@oregonstate.edu

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