Why Nike has Mastered the Art of Online Marketing

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Nike’s Focus is telling a story-

Mainly everyone knows the brand nike and what they sell to the public so many of their advertisements tell a story rather than promoting a certain product. While the athletes within the ad are wearing the latest products released by nike, nike likes to tell a story within their ads. For example, their recent dream crazy campaign told so many stories. The main story they wanted to share during this campaign was that “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough”. They are trying to inspire young athletes that if they have big enough dreams that it could happen but it’s going to be a journey. The way they structure their ads is to create a positive message to inspire not only to young athletes but to anyone. Part of Nike’s mission statement is “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” and from personal experience everyone that is a part of nike firmly believes that and helps you get inspired to become the athlete you are wanting to be.

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Turning to mostly social media-

Something that nike has noticed with the increase of social media is that more of their customers are looking at their ads on social media sites rather than over TV. So they have made the switch to turn more of their ads to twitter and youtube ads because more people are going to view it. This is a big change for nike because previously they were only doing ads on TV. This has benefitted nike tremendously since the audience is switching and they can also target customers directly with the various accounts.

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Dealing with bad press-

With any big company there are going to be slip ups that are announced on various news sites or news channels. Nike has done a good job to deal with bad press immediately. For example, Nike was in the news about having poor factory conditions for the factories overseas. Once this got out they were instantly looking into this issue and creating better standards for their factories. It may not be shown on social media accounts but they are the type of company to know about an issue they have and solve this issue relatively fast.

Big names- 

When nike does it marketing campaigns most of the time they use their big named athletes in their ads. The dream crazy campaign they did for nike 30th anniversary of their “Just do it” campaign featured many of their famous athletes. something that nike has always done was feature one of their popular athletes within their ads. From when Micheal Jordan was playing, they used a famous director spike lee and have used popular athletes during that the time era for their commercials. During the holiday season some times they like to get many athletes together for one commercial. For example one year they were wanting to promote nike football so they got all of the big named athletes for football in an ad.


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