Dec 03 2017

Writing Exercise #15

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After spending a lot of time reading a lot of scientific research relating to microbes and human health, I was very intrigue with the whole idea of microbial transplants and implantations. I find that the idea of dysbiosis is inevitable in our body and that the best way to combat it is to make sure we can reintroduce the missing microbes to ensure proper resetting of homeostasis. Being able to fund this project is something that will benefit the growing field and the end results of better human health. Research on the basis of finding the right microbes to reintroduce is hard. We might find it easy to replace a specific microbe, but if that specific one is hard to culture, alternative microbes should be looked into that has the same effects when inserted. Programs like implantation or transplant of microbial community do not have proper fund to allow them time to understand what microbes does what and how they effect us, but I feel that funding this research will be very beneficial in understanding microbial interaction better. The idea of reintroducing missing microbes to reverse the effects of dysbiosis is a good thing and sounds very logical to deal with this problem. Many of the research are inconclusive at the moment and that more intense and bigger research project are needed to be done so that this can be proven to be valuable to introduce the microbes into our system in a safe way without negative effects. Not only that, but funding this type of research could lead to better understanding of the mechanism of how certain factors will change microbial actions and that new probiotics can be used to combat that problem. This field of work done on microbial actions of human health is growing and allows a lot of room for many research projects that all can be very beneficial. There is one common goal for this field and that even though I rather fund this type of project, all possible type of projects will helps us understand microbial relation to human health in a better sense and improve patient outcome or human health.

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