Nov 25 2017

Writing Exercise #13

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The five key questions used to interpret scientific literature is very important and can be used to better our understanding of what the author is trying to convey with his or her audience. The first question addressing experiments leads us to understand that maybe certain factors or changes may not lead to normal results. We do not like it when things are not normal and so when results differ from experiments, it gives us a purpose to figure why it is different. The second question brings up correlation or causation. This is another important aspect, because if certain factors are causation, we end up with drastic problems that are certain to happen. Bring up the idea, that we can also understand that a certain problem can be stopped if the cause is known. Correlation helps us understand that certain factors are not always certain, but leads us to believe that certain results may occur. Third question propose is the idea of the mechanism and what I believe to be most important. Being able to understand how thing work and what it may lead to is the fundamental of science. Without being able to process how things work specifically, how will we ever realizes certain solutions to problems we have. If a certain bacteria does this because of some specific factor, we can make a causation to say that removing that factor stops what it does. Knowledge is power and knowing how things work is what makes us study what we study in science. The fourth question of reflecting reality is also important. We need to see if certain hypothesis or data may pertain to us as human being or that certain solutions can be incorporated in the real world. Most experiments are done on microbes or animals, but are rarely done on humans. This brings up the idea that may the results may not be the same for humans or what possible effect can a theory have on reality if conducted in real life. The last question about other explanations on the result gives the literature another view. What is one solution is not the case and that maybe there are many possibilities for a problem? We see that in the scientific world, there are countless of scenarios and outcomes for a certain problem or factor. Learning and understand that a certain mechanism may have another explanation is an important factor because we shouldn’t be assuming just any one solution or idea.

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