Nov 19 2017

Writing Exercise #11

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Being able to take part in the peer-review process for my classmate is not only helpful to my peer, but to me as well. The whole process is very time consuming and allows me to go deeper into what is expected out of this final paper. Not everyone will agree upon a certain topic because of how many different opinions could be presented. Reading my peer’s work, I was moved by how well they articulated their own opinionated paper. It was hard at times to figure certain aspects of the paper, because of how intensive the article is and the sheer volume the article contains. It was difficult to give good comments or constructive criticism that allows for thoughtful change. Sometimes a suggestion could lose sight of the main focus and make the paper less interesting. At times, it might be easy to give a directional sense or say that certain area are vague, but it is never easy to give helpful feedback that is not plain and simple. I tried my best to think of alterations my peers can do to fix their paper and that made me think of how I could also fix my paper. By thinking of these deeper expectation on what is needed, I can change my paper accordingly. Sentences structure and ways of addressing a key point can be taken from my peer to be incorporated in my paper to extrapolate more on my topic. I can also go on to see how references were used to further the understanding and use better sources if need be. Peer editing is a rough process, but it allows insight on what is needed or missing to create a better conception.

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