Nov 12 2017

Writing Exercise #9

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Hello everyone!

We often introduce new bacteria into our system when we change our daily actions. By doing so, we have change what type of microbiota we are introduce to. This also means that the opposite can happen and by changing certain behaviors, we can decrease the exposure rate. A few ways I thought of decreasing exposure involves being cleaning and isolating oneself. Being clean and washing your hands limits the amount of exposure to new microbes we might have contacted during the day. Something as simple as showering could clean off many microbial community and decrease exposure of microbe into the body. By also limiting the amount spent in crowded areas, we also inhibit the contraction of microbes. Another behavior we can change is by staying away from pollutants and busy city populations. With decreasing interaction between oneself and others, the chance of exposure is cut drastically. A final behavior I think might be beneficial in stopping microbial exposure is our diet. We shouldn’t be eating anything raw or dirty. From there, the diet should be healthy and included vitamin C to help boost the immune system in preventing microbial exposure. There are many small changes that we all can do in our daily lives to help lower the exposure to microbes.

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