Nov 05 2017

Writing Exercise #8

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In this class, I was able to learn a lot more about the microbial world and how they are connected to us more than we think. I have taken microbiology last year and the concepts are pretty similar in how this class refers to the small connection that is between our symbiosis. It is not easy to figure out what exactly changes the relationship of the microbiota in our gut or other site of colony, but any disruption from equilibrium leads to negative effects. I was fascinated at how easily external factors can change these colonies of microbes like eating a high fat diet. Yet, there are simple ways to negate the effects and introduce antibiotics or probiotics in certain situations.


Many scenarios where we deal with a bacterial disease cause by dysbiosis, we are able to introduce antibiotics or probiotics in these certain situations. Our body is a working vessel harboring multiple subunits that works together in unison to create multiple functions. When faced with missing microbes from certain gut community, we are susceptible to facing terminally ill diseases. Our body will try to restore the microbiota to normal, but doing so may lead to further problems. One chain of events leads to more destruction and that is why we need to make sure that we keep our microbial community at a homeostasis. With the help of antibiotics and probiotics we allow for buffering of that equilibrium to prevent dysbiosis.


I see that, I am able to extrapolate my ideas well and provide a lot of context to go with my final paper. I do struggle with forming smooth sentences to convey my information and at times may try too hard to make it sound good. Looking ahead at the final paper, I will be taking my time to start it slowly everyday to come up with a lot of idea and write out my thoughts concisely so that there is no confusion. I will go over my essay with others and ask for as much feedback as I can. Hopefully going into this final paper, I may be able to create a well written paper that conveys everything I need to say in a smooth and easy sense.


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