Nov 05 2017

Writing Exercise #7

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Hello everyone!

Today we will be talking about how some potential external factors could influence the colonization of microbial communities in a newborn baby. From the moment we are conceived and implanted to the uterus, we are connected to our mother and share the same introduction of microbes. There is a mutual relationship between the infant and the mother and when one of the two is affected, then the other one will experience the same thing. If the mother does drugs or drink alcohol, there will be a link between the microbes of that external factor to the infant. By doing drugs as a mother, you introduce toxic chemicals and bacterias that will colonize in the infant which leads to possible birth defects. This truly is saddening and goes true for mothers who drink alcohol during birth. By method of delivery, the microbes introduce to the infant will be different from either being the vaginal community or the dermal community of the stomach. There is possible positive introduction such as breastfeeding. With breastfeeding, the mother is introducing nutrient and good bacteria the mother has cultured in her body to give to her infant. We should keep the alpha and beta diversity groups in check so that all the bacteria remains in a balanced state. By allow more diversity or hindering it, we have dysbiosis and that leads to many of the problems we see in us and infants. Many outside factors can change how the newborn infant is after the introduction of those factors because the mother, infant, and microbial community are all in symbiosis and connected.

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