Oct 29 2017

Writing Exercise #6

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Hi everyone!

Today I would like to describe my physical being while dealing with a bacterial disease and how the introduction of antibiotics provided positive change. Last year during the winter, I was dealing with a bacterial infection known as strep throat. It is a nasty bacteria that made its way into my throat causing inflammation; making it harder for me to swallow my food. I went to the doctors because my body felt very weak and eating or resting was hindered greatly which caused me to feel even worse. After being diagnosed with the bacterial infection, I knew that I would be prescribed antibiotics and that was exactly what I got. I was directed to take my medication every 6 hours for about a week. The infection I was dealing with involved bacteria and so the best way to deal with it was with antibiotics. In my case I was prescribed penicillin. I would never take antibiotics if this was the flu because that is a virus infection and introducing more microbes, causing dysbiosis would make it even worse. It is a good idea to take antibiotics only when it is for sure a bacterial disease and be sure to take it as soon as the infection begins. These antibiotics should be taken through a specific regimen to ensure the killing of the bacteria is thorough and to prevent antibiotic resistance from overuse of the medication. By taking a fair amount of antibiotics to control the proliferation of the bacteria cell, we can disrupt their cell wall and cause them to be suppressed. This strep throat infection has confirmed my philosophy that bacteria diseases should be handled with antibiotics and that in due time the body will be at homeostasis once again when the number of microbes is back to normal.

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