Oct 25 2017

Writing Exercise #5

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Hello everyone!

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the value of the microbes in our diet and how they affect our gut’s microbiota. Our gut functions to process the food we eat, but we rely a lot on the different microbes in our gut to create such functions. Differences in the microbiota result in a possible cascade effect leading to inflammatory diseases. Those changes to the biome are unknown and many different external factors come into play to explain them. One way that is an obvious factor is our daily diet. There are a large variety of diets ranging from healthy, nutritional ones to unhealthy, fatty ones that sometimes result in obesity. Not only does eating a mostly saturated fat diet cause more build up of short fatty chains, but it also interferes with certain microbial groups by inhibiting their functions sometimes resulting in death. A lean and healthy diet prevents dysbiosis of the gut and maintains this buffering state that is out gut flora. I have always been a type of guy to limit myself with unhealthy foods and go for a clean and healthy diet. I try to keep up with my fruits and vegetables while also completing my daily nutrients. After this week’s lecture, I find myself very pleased to know that I am eating yogurt and other items with probiotics. Not to mention also eating dietary fibers (prebiotics) to help the aid and growth of the probiotics. This clean diet that I have is something I am proud up and will keep up for the benefits it provides. What a better feeling than to know that you are ingesting good bacteria such as probiotics to help maintain or stabilize the microbiota of the gut.

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