Oct 22 2017

Writing Exercise #4

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Hello everyone,

In this week’s post, I’ll be posting a rhetorical precis of one of my sources in my midterm essay. I hope you get a short and compacted amount of information in the precis!

(1) Farin Kamangar is a PhD professor at Morgan State University expresses his thought in “Helicobacter pylori and its Effects on Human Health and Disease” (2011) explaining that the gram negative bacteria H. pylori has special features that allows them to inflame the GI tract and cause proliferation of cells (2) Farin goes into detail and shows supportive that the bacteria has special features that allows them to live in our stomach and cause a chain of reaction that leads to GI diseases (3) This paper is written so that Farin can go into details the symbiosis of H. pylori and that it may have a negative affect on us, even though they work with us. We have a connection with this bacteria more than we know and that we may be able to learn the specifics of this interaction and prevent it (4) The professor intended to write this for a scientific audience revolving around the focus of GI disease especially H. pylori and has presented great research and details of scientific knowledge he has to offer.

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