Oct 15 2017

Writing Exercise #3

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Hello Everyone!

In today’s blog, we will be discussing about how subtle changes in our daily actions or lifestyle could change the composition of the microbial community in our gut. We are always in a symbiosis with these microbes, but we do not think much of them because they are so small and seem to work behind the scenes without us knowing. Yet, when we start changing ourselves and promoting different factors to our gut, we see a change in the composition in these communities. We are born with little bacterial in our gut, but without the new addition of these microbial, we would not be able to function properly. When we have a disruption in balance, these microbes act up and cause systematic changes ranging from obesity to various gut diseases. I think that there are alternatives on how we can reverse this outcome and prevent it from ever happening. What I have come up with is changing your diet, exercising more, and making sure you are staying warm or cool. All of these are viable ideas that I think could make a big difference in the microbial community in our gut. Eating unhealthy can be very detrimental since we might be taking in substances that could harm certain microbes. Whereas if we eat healthy and take protein, we could provide a natural environment for these microbes to recolonize. Exercising is an aspect that I see could benefit the biome in the gut. By exercising, one would be using many actions or processes that incorporate these microbes. If we do not use them, I feel they are not likely needed and would be removed or deactivated. Using them daily would create a better symbiosis between us and the biome and prevent negative effects. My final thought on how we can change our gut composition is by alternating our state of health. By being too cold or too hot, we open gateways for sickness and weakening of our immune system. The microbes would be more susceptible to attacks that could lead to microbial death or they would have to work harder to function which could cause damage. Staying healthy will be good for us and by not altering our normal state of being, we will not have to worry about dysbiosis or other factors that would cause these microbes to act against us in extreme ways.

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