Oct 08 2017

Writing Exercise #2

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Hello everyone, today we will be discussing on the topic of making a new vaccine for Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1. This strain of HPV is what scientists and researchers should be investing their time into solving. We have a retrovirus associated with malignancy in humans. With T-cells carry this scary virus, it is hard to track whether or not these cells will cause cellular transformation by encoding potent oncogenes. There are so little people with this retrovirus yet, if we do not figure out a cure, when will we ever? I see it being very beneficial to take on rare viruses that is hard to study because of how difficult it is to get samples. We are often making vaccines for disease that are very common, but neglect to invest more research into finding cures to the rare diseases. This treatment will be delivered to patients at an early age, since this is when it occurs the most often. Treatment for this strain of HPV will be pricey base on the fact that it is so hard to isolate the rare virus. Only 5% of the infected will develop adult T-cell leukemia and so that is why it is important to invest money and resources to make sure this virus is contained. The route for cellular transformation is different and will encode for alternate oncogenes. With differentiation in the infection pathway, the tumor will show signs decades after being infected. This is why it is so hard for us to create a vaccine. I see only good things happening when we put more time and effort into making a cure for such a devastating virus. The money spent could lead us to understanding viruses more and allowing us to adapt to their nature. We could possibly even make more vaccines with this study!

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