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Making the Most of Your First Week

Posted September 29th, 2013 by mayersl

September 30th approached quickly and you may feel overly prepared for classes or wondering, how can I make the most of my first week of classes this term? There are a few things you can do to better prepare yourself for the first week of classes that will make the rest of your term more successful. Here are a few:

  • Sounds simple but GO TO ALL OF YOUR CLASSES! The first week is when each of your professors will give out your syllabus. Utilizing each of your syllabi will let you know when your assignments are due, when tests are scheduled, and help you plan the rest of your daily schedule.
  • Put your schedule in writing. Whether you use your phone or an old school planner, having your schedule will allow you to find time slots that work best for studying in between classes, eating, working, and scheduling your time to socialize! If you create that schedule, you will be most time efficient and successful throughout the entirety of this term! Need help in efficiently planning your term, make an appointment with an academic coach here:
  • If there are any changes you think are necessary to make in your schedule, do that this week! The sooner you change your schedule, the less class time you will lose and fall behind.
  • Find your favorite study space. Once you find a study space that is not distracting, and you become comfortable being there, you will most likely enjoy studying there more often and it will become habitual, then you can add that location into your planner!
  • Leave for class a little early, learn the easiest routes to your classrooms. Campus can be confusing at times, but soon enough you’ll know the fastest ways to each building, but giving yourself a little extra time in the beginning allows you to also see how beautiful campus can be in the fall!
  • Find a club or organization, find out when they meet, and go meet your peers with the same interest! Check out the list of student organizations here

There are numerous things you can do to make the most of your first week of classes, these are only a few. Just remember to enjoy this week, meet new friends, try some new food out on campus, and get yourself comfortable with campus. Get to know people in your classes, residence halls, clubs, organizations, or just say hello to someone while eating lunch! Enjoy your first week! For more helpful hints see page 23 here:

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