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Staying safe on campus

Posted September 24th, 2013 by sternerr

OSU is consistently ranked one of the safest campuses in the country with Corvallis also being highly ranked in terms safety among similarly sized cities. However, college students are often seen as easy targets for those looking to commit crimes. Being proactive and making smart, informed decisions like the 10 mentioned below can help you protect yourself from being a target.

1.) Don’t leave books, laptops, calculators, and other valuable items laying around the library, study lounges,open dorm rooms or classrooms. These things are easy for people to steal, can be sold quickly and are very hard to trace back to their rightful owners.

2.) Lock doors and windows to your residence hall, apartment, or house on a daily basis. Find a safe place or a friend to keep a spare key in case you lock yourself out.

3.) If you bring a car to campus, remove valuable items from it and leave nothing valuable in clear sight. Check your car every few days to make sure it is still in the condition you left it.

4.) Log off all public computers and consider logging off of your private computer in between uses as well. You don’t want to be paying for another person’s printing charges or having someone else sending messages from your account- so take the extra time to log on and off every time.

5.) If you have to walk alone around or near campus at night, consider using Safe Ride, a free service to all OSU students and staff

6.) Program OSU’s Public Safety number into your phone for easy and quick access: 541.737.3010

7.) Use the buddy system when going out to parties and other social events. Leave with the people you came with and never leave a friend behind.

8.) Know what you are consuming at parties and other social events. Never take a drink from someone you don’t know or leave your beverage unattended.

9.) Keep all documents with personal information (credit cards numbers, student identification numbers, social security numbers, immunization records) in a safe location. If you do decide to get rid of these things, shred them first.

10.) Sign up to receive text/email alerts for OSU’s Campus Alert System. These alerts include campus closures, electrical failures in buildings, suspicious activity and traffic accidents on campus.


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