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OSU Acronym Soup

Posted September 13th, 2013 by sternerr

OSU like the military has our fair share of acronyms to understand in order to get the most out of your time here. To help prepare you for the variety you might hear or see- here’s a starter list to know and links to learn more:


Offices on Campus

UHDS- University Housing and Dining

CAPS- Counseling and Psychological Services

SHS- Student Health Services

DAS- Disability Access Services

ILLC- International Living Learning Center

ASC- Academic Success Center

TAPS- Transportation and Parking Services

SLI- Student Leadership and Involvement

HSRC- Human Services Resource Center

Academic Terms

PAC- Physical Activity Course

AW- Academic Warning- a term GPA (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer) below a 2.0- please see your academic advisor if on AW

AP- Academic Probation- a cumulative GPA (0verall) below a 2.0 after being at OSU at least 2 terms- please see your academic advisor if on AP

Bac Core- Baccalaureate Core

S/U- Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory- A grade of S (satisfactory) shall be equivalent to grades A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, and C–. A grade of U (unsatisfactory) shall be equivalent to grades D+, D, D–, or F. Consult your academic advisor for information on which classes you can S/U and what deadlines apply.

DPD- Difference, Power and Discrimination- a Bac Core requirement of all OSU students. Check out the list of class option here. Consult with your academic advisor about the best one(s) for you!


Cultural Centers

APCC- Asian and Pacific Cultural Center

BCC- Black Cultural Center

NAL- Native American Longhouse

4 C’s- Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez


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