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No car, No problem

Posted September 12th, 2013 by mayersl

Are you debating if you should bring your car to campus or not? There are some benefits to bringing a car, but you don’t need a car if you’re staying in Corvallis. You’ll be saving money not bringing your car! If you bring your car you’ll have to get a parking pass which will cost you $ and will not guarantee you a spot close to your residence hall, co-op, or class.  So why don’t you try going without a car for the first term and see if you really need it.

If you simply need a car for an hour or two or for a quick weekend trip on occasion, OSU has a partnership with WeCar The rent is affordable and the best part about this program is that the cars are located right by the MU and you’ll be able to park it easily.

The Corvallis Transit System (CTS) is FREE and it’s very easy to get around on the bus. Also this city is bike friendly, and it’s easy to get around anywhere on a bike if you don’t want to ride the CTS.

There are lots of options for if you’re traveling out of the city as well! If you’re heading to the airport there is the HUT (Portland Airport) leaving every 2 hours from campus, or the OmniShuttle (Eugene Airport) by reservation.  There’s also a Greyhound bus stop in Corvallis which you can get to easily using the CTS. Or if flying and going on the bus isn’t your thing, the Amtrak station is in Albany which is also easy getting to using public transportation, or ask a friend who has a car to take you there ;)

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One Response to “No car, No problem”

  1. Savannah Says:

    Though it’s true you can walk just about anywhere, I most certainly think you should probably mention the lack of parking Oregon State provides for students who do have car and the frustration of fighting for one of the few sparking spots available. With new buildings built and parking not being increased, having a car on campus has become inconvenient.