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Moving Off-Campus Next Year? Tips for House Hunting in Corvallis

Posted April 9th, 2013 by sternerr

When it comes to starting your search for off-campus housing for next year, the earlier you start the better. There are a lot of different types of housing offered in Corvallis, from townhouses to co-ops, houses and apartments with a wide range of prices and amenities available. Here are a few tips to remember as you begin your search…

  • Search online: use Craigslist or to see housing options that fit your criteria, ask around, and keep your eyes peeled around the areas you’d like to live in for renting signs.
  •  Roommates: make sure that you know what you are getting into with differences in study and sleep habits, the cleaning and food situation, and visiting guests.
  • Know what you’re looking for: consider affordability in price of rent and utilities, neighborhood and building safety, proximity to shopping and campus, the laundry situation, parking options, and nearest bus routes.
  • Don’t panic. Start looking early and don’t be pressured into signing a lease at a place you don’t really want.
  • Do your research! Always view the location and compare prices and amenities before making any commitments. If you can, talk with current tenants about their living experience and the landlord
  • Read and study the lease. If you’re having difficulties understanding your lease, the ASOSU Office of Advocacy can assist you with this document.
  • Document, document, and document: get everything in writing and take photos of any problems in order to ensure you receive your full security deposit back. You also might want to consider renter’s insurance.

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