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Going Home for Break?

Posted November 19th, 2012 by floresm

Are you going home for Thanksgiving and/or Winter Break? Here are some stories and advice from 2 START Leaders on going home and returning back to campus!

I brought all of my homework and books with me in hopes that I would do a lot of work while I was home for Thanksgiving, but it was my first time back and there were a lot of people who wanted to meet up so I got nothing done! Try and do as much homework/studying as you can before leaving!

Before you go home for winter break, make sure you clean out your room/apartment/fridge because there are a lot of things that can grow in a month! EWW!

It was very difficult coming back to school after a nice long Holiday with my family. There could be possible room changes or different resident rules when you come back so be aware of any possible changes. Also, make sure to take advantage of having your family members near and get lots of flu/cold medicine!

If possible, pack all of your winter clothes from home and take home all your summer clothes! No need for them any time soon and it’s only going to keep raining from here on out!”

When I returned home my sister had moved into my room (I knew this would happen, but still, it sucks). Space was always tight for us so I was happy that she had her own room, but this meant a couple of things for me. One, basically everything I owned was in my residence hall room and it was the only real space I could call mine. And two, I had no space at home to be really alone or to sleep without feeling like I was in the way. Preparing for changes in your home upon your return can be really beneficial! Ask your sibling about any changes around the house just out of curiosity so it’s not as much of a shock.

It’s hard coming back to campus after winter break because it’s almost too long. Four weeks is long enough to lose focus of your classes and even to really forget what you are planning for winter term. It’s long enough to build a new routine and get comfortable with it, but then have to change it pretty abruptly. Returning to work and homework after four weeks is a challenge, especially when you aren’t used to it.

My advice would be to make sure your parents know far enough ahead of time when you plan to be home.

Make plans for the first day back so you don’t get stuck sitting on the couch while your family goes about their daily routine.

Continue to tell yourself this is only a break (that you deserve) and know that school does start again on January 7th!



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