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Bacc Core Playlists

Posted November 15th, 2012 by floresm

The Baccalaureate Core (often referred to as the Bacc Core) is the general education courses all OSU students take to achieve three main goals:

  1. build their foundational skills like writing, speech, and mathematics;
  2. gain knowledge and perspectives across academic fields and diverse cultures;
  3. develop abilities of analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving.

As a current student, you may ask, what classes can I take? How are these applicable to my education? Fortunately, the Bacc Core has flexibility for you to shape your education towards what you want to experience, your future career path, and what you are interested in.

To help students structure their Bacc Core experience to address some common interest areas, some Bacc Core Playlists were created. These 9 playlists range from “Social Justice” to “The Pacific Rim” to “Elementary Education”, and a few others. Chick here to learn more about the Bacc Core Playlists

Maybe the playlists seem too limiting, well another great aspect of the Bacc Core is you can create your OWN playlist! You can identify your own interests and choose from the plethora of classes that fulfill your Bacc Core requirements.

So what are you interested in? How can YOU shape your own education here at OSU? The Bacc Core is the perfect opportunity for you to explore your passions and interests!

Click here to find more about the Bacc Core

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