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Archives: February, 2012

Combating the Spring thaw  February 23rd, 2012

As many Oregonians and more specifically west of the Cascade Oregonians know, our Springs tend to last for a long time and have their fare share of rain and cloudy days. While the sun will begin to peek out more frequently and the temperatures will rise, Spring is often a time when students feel the most affected by the lack of sun and cool temperatures. Here are a few tips for surviving the long Spring thaw:

1.) Exercise- whether it’s going to Dixon, taking a PAC class, having a dance party in your room, or going for a walk with a friend or family member, getting your heart rate up, working up a sweat, and moving around is one of the best ways to prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and address the winter doldrums.

2.) Light therapy- the days are still not quite as long or as bright as you might be used to and exposing yourself to some extra indoor lighting may be helpful. To learn more visit this link from Counseling and Psychological Services ( You can use a light box in the Mind Spa on the 5th floor of Snell Hall, rent one from Student Health Services, or rent one at Valley Library at the Circulation Desk.

3.) Get outside- the weather may not be the best and you might need to wear a rain jacket, rain pants, and/or rain boots to fully enjoy yourself, but breathing in fresh air can be quite refreshing. Taking a walk, jog or bike ride outside can also help with getting the exercise you need. Maybe you’d be more tempted to get outside if you volunteer with Heartland Humane Society and have a furry friend to take on walks?

4.) Standardized your sleep patterns. Sleeping too much or too little or constantly changing up your sleep schedule can affect your overall mood, especially in the cloudy months. To learn more about healthy sleep tips visit Student Health Services.

Lastly, be sure to find ways to enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures when they do arrive.  Studying near a sunny window, eating lunch outside, taking the long way to classes, can all get you much needed vitamin D and make the cloudy days easier to tolerate.

Miss home? Want to go home for a weekend? Many Transportation options are available!  February 20th, 2012

There are buses, trains, cabs and airplane transportations available in the area if you would like to arrange a trip home for a short break and to catch up with your loved ones.

You can easily find the station on 4th avenue in downtown Corvallis. Bus routes from Corvallis can take you anywhere with convenient connections on the way such as Salem, Portland, Eugene, and Bend. Visit their website for more information regarding schedules and fares.


The nearest train station is in Albany, which is about 10 miles from Corvallis. You may either take a greyhound bus to the Amtrak station in Albany or simply call a Beaver cab to drive you to the station as well! Trains go up to Portland or down to Eugene with additional connections to other places.


  • Beaver Cab 541-766-8294

If you do not feel like driving your own car around or if you do not have a car, there are always Beaver cabs available in the area to assist you! Of course, if you do not feel safe driving around after hanging out at a bar or at a party, it will be wise to call a Beaver cab. Simply dial the phone number above and a cab driver will respond to your pick up location as soon as they can!


If you need to visit your home or any place by airplane, we are happy to have a shuttle service available for pick up and drop off right in front of the OSU bookstore! For more information regarding schedules and prices, please visit the HUT shuttle website. Shuttle buses arrive and depart every two hours!


If you just want to get around town, the city of Corvallis offers free bus routes all over the town! If you just need to go to Winco Foods from Downtown Corvallis, simply hop on a bus and go there hassle free! CTS routes and times can be viewed on their website above. The routes and times are also on Google transit program and it can be easily viewed from your mobile phones to figure out the bus stop locations! How convenient!


If you need a car to travel to your home for a day or so, but do not want to rent a car due to high rental prices… we offer a WeCar program on campus for anyone to use! Simply go to the WeCar vehicle at your reservation time and hold your membership card over the sensor in the windshield. The system will recognize you and the car will unlock. The keys to the ignition will be waiting for you in the glove box!! Isn’t that cool?! For more information about how this works and the costs, simply click on the link above!