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Winter Term Registration

Posted November 10th, 2011 by redpathb

Hello students!

It is time to prepare for winter term! That means it is time for you to meet with your academic advisor to discuss which courses to register for winter term. Priority registration phase begins this Sunday morning (the 13th) and then the rest of registration phases will occur throughout the next two weeks. For more information, refer to the link:

When you meet with your academic advisor, you will want to prepare to talk about not only your academic plan but also your interests, goals, and questions. You also should think about some questions to answer such as:

  • Are you enjoying morning classes or afternoon classes? What times do you like to study versus be in class?
  • Do you like lecture classes or smaller classes?
  • If you have a declared major, have you enjoyed the classes required for your major? Why or why not?
  • If you don’t have a declared major, what subjects/classes have you enjoyed this term? Why?
  • Check with your college if you will need to have a registration PIN for winter registration.

Once you get an idea of which courses to register for, you’ll want to register as soon as you can to make sure you are enrolled in the courses you want to be in. There also will be wait lists in some classes; for more information on how to waitlist, refer to the link above. Good luck with registering and have fun planning your winter term!!


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