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OSU in New York Times, LA Times, NSF Web site and more

Posted October 21st, 2009 by simmonto

It’s hard to miss the quantity and quality of research stories coming out of OSU these days. The resulting media coverage is interesting not only for the stories highlighted, but for the high-impact visibility of the outlets in which they are published.

We’ve hit the venerable New York Times twice this week for OSU research on how climate change is affecting growth of Pacific Northwest trees in high-elevation areas and for OSU’s international leadership in the hottest new alternative energy area — ocean wave power. The latter was actually written by a Paris-based reporter (Lisa Pham) for the Times’ overseas publication, The International Herald-Tribune, and places OSU’s work alongside wave park projects under development in Portugal, Scotland, Australia and elsewhere, underscoring OSU’s impact as an international research university.

Los Angeles Times science writer Kim Murphy offered an interesting take on the PNW tree research, that it presents an upside of climate change.

The National Science Foundation Web site, where OSU enjoys regular prominence, features us today as its lead “Discoveries” feature, with a fascinating feature by OSU graduate student Mary Beth Oshnack on her research regarding building tsunami-resistant cities. The story is accompanied by four very cool videos of her “HouseSmash” project.

We haven’t forgotten the media closer to home, either. The Oregonian has turned to us for stories this week on OSU research of toxic algae blooms, which are thought to be growing around the state, and for my personal favorite, an account of a ferret that got H1N1 from its owner — perhaps first documented case of human-to-animal transmission anywhere.

Interesting reading, all. And it’s only Wednesday morning…

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