Agriculture Executive Council Officer Applications

Officer Applications are now available to those interested in running for a position on the Agricultural Executive Council for the 2013-2014 school year. The mission of the council is to promote club activities within the College of Agricultural Sciences, along with acting in cooperation with the administration of the college to further public relations. This is a great leadership and networking opportunity for students interested in benefiting the College. Positions available include President, Vice president, Director of Correspondence, Director of Finance, Director of Public Relations, Director of Agriculture Day, and Director of New Fields. Additional information about each position can be found on the application. Applications will be due Wednesday May 15, by 5:00pm in STRAND 137, or via email to Elections will be conducted Wednesday, May 29 at the Agricultural Executive Council meeting. If you have any further questions please contact a current officer.

Agricultural Executive Council Annual Industry tour


The Agricultural Executive Council hosted their annual industry tour this past weekend April 12 – 14.  The trip enabled students within the College of Agricultural Sciences to visit a variety of agricultural related industries throughout Central Oregon. The tours included a visit to an alternative farm, Bend Equine Vet Center, OSU Extension Service, Ochoco Forest Service, Deschutes Brewery, Coyote Rock Ranch, and High Desert Museum. It was a very successful weekend full of learning opportunity, and we would like to thank everyone who attended.

OSU Hosts 85th Oregon FFA State Convention


Oregon State University recently hosted the 85th Oregon FFA State Convention on March 22nd -25th. FFA is a national organization that promotes leadership and personal growth. The convention consists of a variety of competitions including public speaking, Ag Issues, Proficiency Interviews, Scholarship Interviews and many more. There is also a career fair that takes place at convention showcasing careers in agriculture, OSU organizations for student involvement, and college choices. Several clubs within the College of Agricultural Sciences displayed their unique opportunities at OSU and how future students could become involved. The event was a huge success thanks to all of the amazing faculty and students at OSU.

Agricultural Executive Council Spring Industry Tour

This year the Agricultural Executive Council will be headed to Central Oregon on April 12th-14th for our annual industry tour.  On Friday the tour itinerary includes an alternative farm with mule foot hogs, buffalo and yak, a visit to the Equine Vet Center and a tour with the OSU Extension Office.  Saturday we will be visiting with the Ochoco Forest Service, where they will show us their seed extractor practices and discuss current issues facing forestry within the Central Oregon area, Deschutes Brewery for a tour of their facilities and become educated on the variety of brews they offer, and a horse ranch where will learn their families breeding and farming practices. Ag Exec will be paying for dinner on Saturday night at one of Central Oregon’s classic restaurants and have the opportunity to speak with the owner and watch a historic video.  Sunday will be a tour of the High Desert Museum and from there will head back to Corvallis. This is not only a great opportunity to learn about different aspects of what agriculture has to offer, but is also a great way to get involved with other students within the College of Agricultural Sciences. Applications are due Friday, April 5th at 5pm along with a $30.00 payment. We will be boarding our charter bus Friday morning April 12th at 7am. The council hopes you will join us on this great adventure!

Sigma Alpha Spring Recruitment

The Sigma Alpha sorority is currently recruiting new members for their chapter. Sigma Alpha is an un-housed professional sorority for women in agriculture and forestry, but will accept any major. The sorority works closely with Oregon Women of Agriculture and Agriculture in the Classroom. There will be an informational meeting Monday, April 8 in the Memorial Union at 7:00pm.  This is a great opportunity to become more involved on campus and meet women with the same interests and classes. Please feel free to contact the Recruitment Chair, Shelby Coshow for more information.


OSU Dairy Club Biannual Cattle Sale

Last weekend the Oregon State University Dairy Club hosted their biannual cattle sale in the Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility. About 350 people came out for the event, and a number of supporters opted to make a cash donation to the club, as well as sellers offered to donate calves. The club’s net earnings were 15,000 to 17,000 and will go towards an endowment fund for future activities. There was an incredible support from the industry, and it is greatly appreciated. To read more about the sale please follow the link.

Faculty Spotlight: Melanie Jones

Name and Title:

Melanie Jones, Academic Advisor for Department of Agricultural Sciences

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in southeastern North Carolina, and made my way west when my parents moved to Montana. I ventured even further west to Oregon with my husband almost twelve years ago, so Oregon is “home base” now.

Where did you attend college?

I received my bachelor’s degree from The University of Montana in Missoula, Montana…one of the prettiest places around. I have a master’s degree in education from Oregon State.

What is your favorite college memory?

I have so many fun memories from my undergrad days, in particular. What a fun time in life (enjoy it while you can!). One memory in particular was on a fairly frigid, though spring day in Missoula. There was a very large home-made, slightly controversial “peace sign” at the top of one of the in-town mountains with a hiking trail leading to it. I hiked a fair amount around Missoula, but this was my first visit to the “peace sign” (often on first year students’ must do list). Once we made it to the top, we sat and took in the views and budding spring flowers around us. It was a really amazing view; you could see five valleys converging into Missoula from that spot, and the sun was setting. Just a great way to spend time with friends! The sign got removed after I graduated:

What do you like most about OSU?

I’ve been at OSU since 2004 when I started grad school. What struck me as a grad student, and remains true as an employee is the amount of caring professionals, faculty members, and students in this community. I’ve seen many people go above and beyond the call of duty to check up on a student, advocate on a student’s behalf, or ensure changes were made or in progress that benefit student experiences. You don’t find that everywhere, especially on a large campus. This culture inspires me, and is in line with my own personal style in working with students.

What kind of transportation did you use in college?

I had a hand-me down old brown, Subaru wagon (great mountain car). I passed it down to one of my younger sisters – it just wouldn’t die!


What is your favorite agricultural commodity?

My husband is a chef, so I am the lucky recipient of a lot of great meals and treats. I suppose for this reason, I’d say wheat – it is the foundation of many of his homemade breads, pizza dough, & cookies.

What is something you enjoy doing in your free time?

I have young kids, so I don’t have a lot of true free time… more family time. We enjoy reading, art, gardening, biking and walks, going to the pool, and anything and everything outside once the rains subside.

Do you have any advice for students in the college of agricultural sciences?

I’ve only been with agricultural sciences since the start of winter term, but I have seen how friendly, easy to talk to, and proactive the faculty and advisors are. Related, my advice would be to take advantage of conversations with resources (advisors and instructors) early in your career.  I was once in a meeting with a student and a professor, and the prof asked the student what she hoped to do in the future. Turns out, the prof knew a contact in the industry the student was interested in, and immediately linked the student to a job resource. Conversations can lead to strong leads and connections whether for volunteering, an internship, or employment. Take advantage of what is around you!






Agricultural Executive Council Hosts CAS Dance

The Agricultural Executive Council hosted their Annual CAS dance Friday, February 22. The event was themed “Barn Dance” and open to all students within the College of Agricultural Sciences. Dinner began the evening and consisted of a pulled pork dinner followed by Swing dancing, the Cha Cha, Two-step, Line dance, and Schottische. The Country Western Dance Club helped provide music and instruction for dances throughout the evening. There was a great turnout and we would like to thank all of the students who attended. Pictured below is the winning centerpiece for the competition, presented by the PEAC Club.