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Fall Events

The Agricultural Executive Council is excited for the upcoming year that we have planned out. We would like to share with you a list of the events that the council has planned so far for Fall Term.

October 25 at 7pm- Council Meeting and ARF Workshop 

November 1- ARF Application Due Date

November 15 at 7pm- Council Meeting

November 16 at Time TBD- ARF Interviews

November 17 at Time TBD- ARF Interviews


We hope to see you at the next Council Meeting!

A New Year!

Welcome back Oregon State University!


I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. The Agricultural Executive Council had a busy and fun summer, but now its time for us to focus on the new school year ahead and all that we have planned for the year. My fellow council and I were elected last May at the last meeting of the year. Since this is a new year I would like to introduce the Agricultural Executive Council to you so that you can get to know us a little better. Lets kick this year off right with some introductions! We are excited to build a partnership with everyone and make this a great year!


August Peterson- President

Duties: Organizing and running Council meetings for both the officers and for the body at large. He is also responsible for running and organizing a couple of events throughout the year. These include the Ice-cream social and the Etiquette Dinner.

Major: Double Major in Agricultural Science and Political Science

Goals: Help organize extracurricular learning activities related to agriculture and to grow club membership through strong and meaningful outreach.

Hometown: Ione, Oregon

Fun Fact: He spent a year living in Mexico during elementary school.

Kayla Rushing- Vice President

Duties: Put together the industry tour and preside over meetings in the absence of the president.

Major: Animal Science with an option in Animal Production

Goals: She hopes to be able to put together an amazing industry tour for everyone to enjoy.

Hometown: Oakland, Oregon

Fun Fact: Her dream day is playing with goats, eating some cheese, then driving the jeep wrangler to go to a Toby Keith concert and then getting to meet him.

Monica Debord- Director of Correspondence 

Duties: Her job is to send out emails, take minutes from the meetings and see track of Battle of the Aggie points.

Major: Agricultural Science with an emphasis in Agricultural Education

Goals: For the clubs to know what exactly is going on for each event.

Hometown: Damascus, Oregon

Fun Fact: She started a summer camp for students in her area to learn more about Agriculture.

Shelbie Mason- Director of Finance

Duties: She manages the budgets for all of the officers.

Major: Animal Science with an option in Animal Production, but she is thinking about becoming a high school Ag teacher or a county extension agent.

Goals: Be involved with the clubs and all of the events so she can get to know everyone better.

Hometown: Cave Junction, Oregon

Fun Fact: She had brain surgery her freshman year of college.

Erika Lepschat- Director of Public Relations

Duties: She manages the social media platforms, helps support the officer team when needed, and plans the CAS Dance.

Major: Agricultural Science with an emphasis in Education and a minor in Leadership

Goals: Get more followers on all of the social media platforms and have some interactive posts.

Hometown: Banks, Oregon

Fun Fact: She hates watching balloons float away in the sky and she received her American FFA Degree last October.

Katelyn Wetzler- Director of Ag Days

Duties:  To coordinate and plan Ag Days

Major: Animal Science with an option in Animal Production

Goals: She hopes to plan an exciting and fun Ag Days for everyone to enjoy!

Hometown: Clackamas, Oregon

Fun Fact: She has never been outside the US, but if she could go anywhere she would go to France.

Mikayla Unger- Director of New Fields 

Duties: I manage the New Fields Blog and publish articles for the Source through CAS. I communicate activities and information about the college and Ag Exec to the OSU community.

Major: Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business Management and Spanish

Goals:I hope to make a strong connection with the OSU community and CAS through the blog posts and article publications that I write to help gain support and involvement with the activities we will put on this year.

Hometown: Dallas, Oregon

Fun Fact: My brother and I rode on the world’s largest sling shot while in Florida last December.

Katie and Raisa- Advisors

Duties: Provide support and professional development to the Ag Exec Officers.


Katie: She has a Bacheor’s degree in Psychology and German and a Master’s and PhD in Educational Policy and Leadership with a focus on International and Comparative Education. Her position at the College of Agricultural Sciences is Experiential Learning Program Coordinator.

Raisa: She got her Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting in Barcelona, then came to OSU to get her Master’s in Education with Ethnic Studies and Foreign Languages and Literature as minors. She is currently a PhD student in Education part of the LEEP program. She also teaches Spanish at the college.


Katie: One goal for the year is to make the Ag Exec Council feel more inclusive and welcoming for all clubs and members.

Raisa: She hopes to enhance the learning and professional opportunities for the students in the College of Agricultural Sciences through all the activities and events that Ag Exec provides.


Katie: She is originally from Massachusetts, but spent most of her childhood in Ohio. She completed her graduate work at Ohio State University and was a professor at Iowa for two years before moving to Oregon.

Raisa: She is from Barcelona, Spain. She also lived on the island called Mallorca for 12 years. She moved to Oregon 3 years ago and she loves it.

Get Involved!

I remember after high school graduation the advice I got from so many was to get involved when you go to college. Every time I asked for advice it always seemed to lead to the same answer…. That answer was always get involved and join clubs. I never really understood why so many people told me to get involved until I started college and realized that joining clubs was one key to a successful college experience for me.

The experiences I have gained from the clubs I joined are experiences I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to even dream of doing on my own. For example I joined the Dairy Club and through that club I got the opportunity to travel to Washington and Canada to learn an abundance of new things about the dairy industry. I was also involved in the Ag Executive Council last year and attended meetings. That involvement led to me going on the Industry tour where I got to tour several successful Oregon Ag Businesses.

The personal growth, knowledge, and experience that I got from these opportunities were life changing and will contribute to my future success. The reason I even got these opportunities is because I took the advice I received before starting high school seriously and GOT INVOLVED!

Here are a few more reasons why you should get involved with clubs here at Oregon State University:

  1. It allows you to become connected to your school
  2. It helps you build community
  3. It allows you to discover your passions and strengths
  4. It’s a résumé builder

There are so many remarkable clubs for you to get involved with in the College of Agricultural Sciences and even in the other colleges. Don’t miss out on life changing opportunities and join a new club.

Here is a list of the clubs that you can get involved with in the College of Agricultural Sciences:


Ag Ed

Bird Nerds

Botnany and Plant Pathology


Collegiate 4-H

Country Western Dance

Crop Science Club

Dairy Club

Fisheries and Wildlife

Fisheries and Wildlife GRAD

Food and fermentation

Forestry Club

Goat Club


International Ag Club


Organic Growers club

PVMA (pre-vet)

Poultry Science


Sheep Club

Sigma Alpha




Reflections and Transitions

The 2016-2017 school year was one for the books. It was a year full of many successes and accomplishments. This all wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of the 2016-2017 Agricultural Executive Council to the College of Ag. As this year comes to a close the newly elected officer team has big shoes to fill.

The new officer team is ready to hit the ground running. Our year of service started on May 24 when we were elected at the last Agricultural Executive Council meeting of the year. Since then we have had our transition meeting and look forward to an officer retreat this summer. We are so excited to serve the college of Ag this upcoming school year.

I would like to introduce my fellow teammates and give you a glimpse of our summer plans.

President: August Peterson

He will be traveling to Vietnam at the beginning of the summer and will help build a home with Building Homes and Hope. After that he will be heading home to the farm in Ione, OR to work for the rest of the summer.

Vice President: Kayla Rushing

This summer Kayla will be working at the Oregon State University Turf Center as a landscape worker, where she will help prepare the center for a field day. She enjoys getting to be outside all day and getting her hands dirty on the job. She is also excited to be the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding this summer.

Director of Correspondence: Monica Debord

Monica will be traveling to Costa Rica for two weeks for a study abroad program. She will also spend her summer working as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the North Clackamas Aquatic Park. When she isn’t working, she plans to spend time hanging out with friends or hanging out by her pool.

Director of Finance: Shelbie Mason

Shelbie plans to spend most of her time working this summer. She is also excited to spend some time traveling to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana for an agriculture tour.

Director of Public Relations: Ericka Lepschat

Ericka is going home to Banks, OR and will be doing odd jobs on her grandparent’s farm and helping her mom with her at home daycare. She is also looking forward to 2 camping trips she has planned, the St. Paul rodeo and a few concerts.

Director of Ag Day: Katelyn Wetzler

This summer Katelyn is going back home to Clackamas and is going to spend time around their school farm. She is also attending the Charolais Junior Nationals in Nebraska and will be spending a week there showing her two heifers.

Director of New Fields: Mikayla Unger

I will be traveling to England for 17 days for a study abroad at the beginning of the summer. After that I plan to work all summer at Stahllbush Island Farms and continue my internship at OmniGen Research. I am also looking forward to camping trips, the Willamette Country Music Festival, and some rodeos.

Advisors: Dr. Katie Gaebel and Raisa Blazquez

Dr. Gaebel is going to be presenting at several experiential learning conferences. She is also looking forward to hiking in New Mexico and traveling around Oregon visiting with student interns.

Raisa is looking forward to going back home to Spain for a month and will spend the rest of her summer working.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and we will see you in the fall!

Ag Days with Director Alexis Taylor

This year’s Ag Days spanned across three days at the beginning of May. Our focus this year was more global than past years and entitled “The Future of Ag.”

We had the privilege of hosting the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Director, Alexis Taylor, for part of our celebration. Director Taylor gave an empowering speech on women in agriculture while touching on the current status of the industry and its future.

Director Taylor had a more intimate lunch with a group of folks from the college where she was able to address more questions and concerns from students and faculty! We appreciated having Director Alexis Taylor and being able to learn from her knowledge and experiences within the agricultural industry!

Industry Tour Recap

The College of Agricultural Science’s Industry Tour was held during the weekend of April 21st. We travelled around the Columbia Gorge area in an Experience Oregon tour bus with minimal air conditioning and a total of 45 students and advisors. We also had the pleasure of having Karen Withers, an ER Jackman Board Member, accompany us on our adventure!

We departed from OSU’s Corvallis campus at 5am on Friday and headed straight for the Dalles to visit Mid Columbia Producers and their grain elevator. After our tour there, we headed to Pendleton to have a delicious lunch at Hamley’s Steakhouse with Northwest Farm Credit. We walked our full bellies off with a tour of the the Woolen Mills, Pendleton Undergrounds and the Pendleton Round-Up Fairgrounds before exhausting ourselves and heading back to the hotel.

We started up again on Saturday at 8am and headed straight for Boardman to Threemile Canyon Farms. We toured their 93,000 acre farmland for four hours before heading to our next destination: The Hermiston Experiment Station! After visiting with our OSU extension partners, we were hosted by the Hermiston FFA chapter for dinner at their high school!

Sunday morning began with a visit to the SAGE Center in Boardman where we celebrated one of our member’s 19th birthdays! Next, we stopped for lunch in the Dalles at their local delectable fast food restaurants. Our last stop, but certainly not least stop, was at Orchard View Farms. After touring the cherry orchard, we began the six hour trek back to Corvallis.

Though this year’s tour was smaller in relation to the amount of businesses we visited it certainly was still just as rich in new knowledge and experiences!

Thank you to everyone that supported our tour and those that continue to support our council year-round.

CAS Dance

At the end of winter term the Agricultural Executive Council held the annual College of Agricultural Sciences Dance. More than 60 students and community members came out and kicked the dust up out in Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility with us. The event lasted for three hours on a Friday night in March. Dinner and dessert was included in the cost of entrance to the dance and guests had the opportunity to enter a swing dancing competition at not extra cost as well. Along with this competition there was one offered to clubs that required a bit more preparation prior to the event, a centerpiece contest. Clubs were notified in advance about this competition and opportunity to win Battle of the Aggies points at our earlier meetings and over the listserv.

The winners of the Swing Dance Competition were:

Rueben Eliason and Alyssa Lilijequist

The winners of the Centerpiece Contest were:

1st place: Ag Ed Club

2nd place: Collegiate FFA

3rd place: Steer-A-Year

Thanks to all of this participation we were able to raise about 300lbs in canned food and $270 cash!

It’s Finally Spring!

It’s finally the BEST term at Oregon State University: Spring Term!

That bright thing in the sky finally peaks through the clouds and students’ attitudes reflect the sunny weather! Though classes may not be any easier and workloads may not be any lighter, spring term is always fun and exciting!

The Agricultural Executive Council has been busy planning the spring industry tour and 2017 Ad Days. The theme for Industry tour is Gorge-ous Oregon. The weekend of April 21st, we will be taking just under 60 students around the Columbia Gorge area to learn about the opportunities in agriculture the area has to offer. The Ag Days theme this year is The Future of Agriculture. Ag Days is the first week of May and we have events scheduled throughout the week!

Aside from these events we have our term meetings, the first being April 12th, then May 3rd and a year wrap-up along with Ag Exec elections on May 24th. All meetings will be at 7pm and held in Weniger 153 (unless otherwise specified).

We look forward to enjoying this term with you!

Leadership Academy with Haley Clement

Haley Clement, Agricultural Education PhD student, joined Leadership Academy for the sixth year of the program and plans to stick around for year seven.

Mrs. Clement comes to us from Paso Roble, California. Though she didn’t live on a farm, she grew up in agriculture and raised sheep and cattle for 4-H and FFA. Upon graduation for high school Mrs. Clement began her pursuit in higher education at Chico State where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Sciences in 2010. Immediately after she pursued a credential program to became a certified teacher. Mrs. Clement taught at Liberty Ranch for four years, teaching all the fun ag classes such as agriculture chemistry, agricultural government and agricultural economics.

In the Fall of 2014, she was recruited for AgriCorps. Within the next six months Haley and her boyfriend got engaged, married, quit both of their jobs and moved to Ghana. In Ghana, they developed 4-H programs and conducted teacher training programs. This work is where Mrs. Clement discovered her love for teacher education. She decided to come to Oregon State because obviously we’re the best (my personal opinion, not Mrs. Clement’s), but more specifically she toured campus and everyone she met was “incredible.” And more specifically she, “really admired Dr. Velez and really admires the Leadership Minor.”

When Mrs. Clement received the offer of being a student AND teacher with full teaching responsibilities rather than just a Teaching Assistant she couldn’t pass it up. Since accepting the offer, she has been officially deemed the coordinator of the Leadership Academy. This means she is in charge of all the logistics: writing lesson plans, preparing class material(s) and seminars, contacting advisory board members, members and other stakeholders, the recruitment and application process of new fellows and other administrative tasks. Mrs. Clement is a busy woman; her current school schedule precludes her teacher role to be physically present in the classroom. This being said, without her two other partners in success, Dr. Jonathan Velez and Lauren LaGrande, the Leadership Academy wouldn’t be nearly as organized and productive as it is today.

To Mrs. Clement, Leadership Academy is, “an opportunity for students to grow as professionals.” She believes though the Leadership minor is fantastic, not all students have the time or funds to go through the coursework. “It provides these same opportunities to the students. Opportunities are provided rather than forced and fellows are responsible for taking the opportunities and growing from them.”

There are currently 27 students and three instructors in the cohort. The students span across eight different departments within the college fostering a unique and diverse learning and working environment which Mrs. Clement says is valuable to the experience.

The 2016-2017 Leadership Academy Cohort.

The current cohort is in its last term together and are currently working together in small teams to conduct service learning projects. This term’s main focus is for fellows to understand and learn who their authentic selves are as well as what it means to serve and give back. These “lessons” are only small aspects of the Leadership Academy though.

Fellows have been working together throughout the school year learning about their personal leadership abilities and qualities in the fall and how to conduct personal and organizational change in the winter. Along with this fellows are purposely matched with mentors for the year who serve as life coaches. Mentors are committed to their student through their own free will; they serve to challenge and inspire their mentees to become better leaders.

The Leadership Academy cohort is expected to grow by eight next year for a total of 35 incredible, insightful individuals. Though the administrative team may be changing a bit with Lauren graduating, Mrs. Clement is excited to play a heavier role with teaching next year due to the Academy’s meeting time being switched to Wednesday nights.

Mrs. Clement acknowledges that this is not a “one-woman show,” like she expressed earlier, “Dr. Velez and Lauren are very essential to making the operation run.” Along with that, the Leadership Academy is backed with a lot of support from the college, department and industry which enables them to, “really be the best that we can be.”

To learn more feel free to visit their website:

*Almost* Snow Day

Corvallis campus was hit with a light snowfall on Sunday night of Week 9. The snow stuck around until about mid-Monday. Students were hopeful that administration would cancel school on Monday and they’d get an extra day to study and finish up homework assignments, but at 7:24 AM students received the message they were all waiting for via the Oregon State Twitter account: “Good morning. Corvallis campus operations will run as normal today. Please use personal discretion navigating to and from campus.”

Some students decided to make the trek to campus and experienced some icy road conditions while others stayed in and emailed their instructors to let them know they would not be in class. Spring is right around the corner, yet we’re still experiencing wintery weather! Please be wary about your safety and traveling anywhere!

With that being said the term is quickly coming to an end, but we still have a few events for you to attend! The last Agricultural Executive Council meeting is tomorrow, March 8 at 7pm in Weniger 153. The College of Agricultural Sciences Dance and Dinner is on Friday, March 10 from 7pm to 10pm at the Oldfield Arena off of 35th and Campus Way. Lastly, don’t forget to register for our Spring Industry Tour; to get the $50 registration fee sign up by 5pm on Friday, March 10! You can find the Google form here and more information about the tour here. The registration fee will bum up to $65 after the 10th and will remain open until noon on April 3rd. Sign up, meet some new friends and professionals, get a cool shirt and a Gorge-ous tour of Oregon!

Check out our Facebook page for future events and subscribe to get reminders!

Have a great rest of the term!