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Conceptual precis 10


The belief that people have to take responsibility for thier actions plays a major role for me, because i find that people want to have free will, but don’t want it’s consequences. I think we do have free will, so we must take responsibility for our actions as Existentialism states.

A good common meaning of this would be “Life is what you make it to be”. The belief that you give meaning to your own life is focused upon opposed to the taking responsibility, but that can also be seen.

I believe that each person’s life is determined by themselves, which is determined by existentialism. I do believe we also live in an Absurd universe, and that the only meaning avalailable is the one we provide ourselves, which would mean we also have to bear all of the consequences.

People gennerally thought that Either this was true and no god exists, or it was false and there was a god, but there was a general consensus that Existentialism could not exist with a god. Several issues arose with the idea of us having absolute freedom, but most aggreed with existentialism to the most part.

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Conceptual Precis 9


Equality plays a major role in my system of belief, since I do believe we are all equal in a diffrent way. Does this mean I think we are all equal, some more equal than others? Of course not, we are just balanced in diffrent areas.

Many people gennrally regard equality to mean only equality of distribution, and not of opportunity. However, equality is gennerally seen correctly in things such as rights.

I have a firm belief in equality of opportunity, which would be directly dependent on equality. I am also a fan of Marxism, which is to and extent based on equality of distribution.

Most people seemed to think equality of opportunity was viable, and so was equality of distribution, but only the equal opportunity would be wanted. Several said true equality is un-achievable, since people are inherently unequal, however some also argue that equality is viable is there is will for it.

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Conceptual Precis 8


Dharma has a strong signifigance in my belief system, but in a diffrent way than most. It is this universal rule to the highest good. I Think each person has their own Dharma, and it is established by them and followed by them, or abandend by them.

Dharma is simmilar to a universal law, or something like the ten commandments or five pilliars. each person must complete their dharma to overcome Karma.

I have several beliefs based upon dharma, such as the belief in an afterlife met by adhering to certain rule, such as what Dharma is, I also like to believe the universe has order, which Dharma provides.

Most people questioned accepted the belief that A universal rule must exist, but refuted Dharma specfically. The idea of overcoming Karma was almost completly rejected, and most held that Karma didnt exist or could not be overcome.

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Conceptual Precis 7


Due to the recent addition of skepticism and Solipsism to my beliefs, Phenominalism has a particular appeal to me. I enjoy the fact that it is impossible to disprove phenominalism and that to us, it is always true.  It is also appealing to think that if you aren’t there, things don’t exist, which feeds my ego I would guess.

Phenominalism is the idea that reality is dictated by our perception of it, and we can only have kowledge of these “Phenomena” that we recieve.  It’s much like What you see is what you get, because what you see is what it is.

I believe that realativism is greatly strengthened by this idea, because it provides a gateway through which we could be aware of each other’s diffrences. The whole idea of seeing something from someone else’s perspective would imply they have a diffrent view of reality to see through.

Several people were quick to point out the validitity of this argument/position, and how it is hard or nearly impossible to disprove. However, several people also stated they aren’t willing to believe things dont exist if we don’t percive them, so reality must exist beyond our perception as well. One person even pointed out how it would fail the test of Okkam’s Razor, because it creates the problem of multiple realities.

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Conceptual Precis 6


Several view enveloped my Marxism realte to my style of thinking. The idea of realativism is shown well by Marxism, through the argument of Class division, which is essentially based upon money that was created by people, so they are in essence, all the same.

Marxism could be related to anyone following the views of Karl Marx, but it is so very broad that it could encompass anyone will simmilar ideology or thought process.

I have several beliefs dependent upon Marxism, such as that society really is moving towards communism, regardless of what is thought. I also believe in Dialetical Materialism, that history is moved along by conflicts in the order which then create a new order.

Marxism, unfortunately, for most people simply means that you are “One of those Neo-Communists that supported Stalin”. However, when asked about the ideas, most of them supported the thought of Alienation, but rejected most other major themes of Marxism.

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Conceptual Precis 5


In my belief system, I would say that Solipsism plays an important role, because I believe that we can percieve things diffrently (If everyone else besides me even percieves, darn skepticism) and each live in our own kind of Solipsistic world. I think the “Problem of Other minds” relates back to the realative standpoint, seeing as if everyone does really exist, they live in their own bubble that would be completly diffrent than anyone else’s.

Solipsism in its general form would be that the nature of reality is perception, and sense you cannot tell anyone else percieves the only person who is 100% real and exists is yourself.

Several of my beliefs are intertwined with this, such as the belief that I can only be aware of what I percieve, since I have no way of proving otherwise. And since it defines Subjective experience as the basis of reality, it’s perfect for realativism, since each person is diffrently subjective.

Most people did as the book said at first, and dissmissed it “as Absurd”. After explaining it to them, they did say that it was plausable, but did not gennerally like the idea of it. Someone did also point out that if we did not percieve but could move and function, such as a plant, were we still real?

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Conceptual Precis 4

This is the basis of my Reality…I think.

Idealism is the belief that reality is derived from ideas and the mind, as opposed to Materialism. There are several diffrent interpretatios, but all of them have the same theme in common, which is reality is based upon a mind, not upon material. It is intregal with realativism, as that reality can indeed be realtive.

I generally think of idealism to be the belief that things are only real because we believe them to be. It is simmilar to the philosophical meaning, as it is a form of it.

Several of my beliefs are dependent upon this term, such as the idea that a mind can fabricate something that is ideolagically real, but immaterial. I would believe that to be real, through my interpretation of idealism.

The common interpretation of idealism is well stated in “A world of ideas”, which says if someone is an iealist, they are reaching for something out of their grasp.  Idealism is interpreted to absolute belief in said ideal.

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Conceptual Precis 3

Ethics. I hear they are important.

Ethics in the philosophical sense is generally ccepted as the study of the nature of good. Ethics is also divided into normative ethics and metaethics, the first dealing with the principles of right conduct, the latter dealing with the foundations of the concepts of things like good, evil, right and wrong.

Most people use the term Morals to refer to Ethics, when you usually abide by your ethics to achieve your morals. Although in the common language they are nearly interchangeable.

Most, if not all, of my beliefs are based upon my Ethics, except with the obvios exclusion of my Morals. I believe in realativism, which is based in part off of ethics and how we determine good, and I have a strong belief that ethical conduct is neccesary, but also so imposible to determine.

Ethics to alot of people, mean the way a person determines what is good to them, or to a group of people. This is very close to what I believe, wherein Ethics are the same definition above, and that of determining what good/evil and other simmilar concepts are.

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Conceptual Precis 2

Zeno’s Paradoxes.

One thing I have always found quite interesting are paradoxes, so When I saw Zeno’s Paradoxes i could not help myself


Zeno’s paradoxes attempt to prove that all is one, and our sense percieved us. This contradicts my own personal philosophy, because there can be no relativity if everything is the same, or if everything is one.

People generally think of Paradoxes to be logical fallacies, or inconsistancies, which is effectively what Zeno’s paradoxes are, except they exist to prove our senses cannot be correct, or that all is one.

I do believe that some things are the same, even though we perceive them to be diffrent, and Zeno’s arrow paradox does seem as if it would make being and motion impossible if they weren’t the same.

Others might believe that all of being is the same, but I don’t believe so, because there are definate distinctions between some things, even without perception. Zeno even said that the only thing that we can rely upon is thought, but I have a much more scientific veiw of the world.

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Conceptual Precis 1

Relativism is the idea that truths or values are not absolute, but related to our own perspective. It shows the belief that differing religions or ways of life can be equally correct within their culture, while still not weighing their objective qualities. Relativism can usually be compared with perspective, as seeing something from someone else’s perspective is simillar to evauluating it from a relativistic standard. This idea is intrically related to my beliefs, such as how I do not dicurage opposing political veiws, as both sides can be right for what they wish to be right on. I also tend to be found in the middle, as I find it easy to see the veiwpoints of both sides of an argument, which relates back to relativism. Many people see this as a gateway into resolving conflict, but they also reject it in some cases, saying that there are no perspectives in things such as science or politics, where only one answer is definately correct.

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