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Eric Ufer – President of Pest Solutions, LLC writes:

Hi Christine,


Great success story of your willingness to work with small companies and our willingness to work hard to highlight an innovative solution to you.This job is a big deal for us.

You were so kind to us before, during, and after the trade show.  I really appreciate your efforts and approach of interacting with us.

Thank you!



 Once again I find myself beholden to you.  Because of your invitation and kind words spoken at the Salem Connections meeting we were invited to participate at Portland Public Schools meet and greet.  I was able to speak for 10 minutes, presenting our company to about 30 people.  The meeting went well and we have two invitations to bid on jobs as a result.  

I can’t thank you enough for being our champion.  Because of your influence we have another opportunity to grow.  Both Rob and I are sincerely grateful. 

Best Regards,

Chip Hogle

Eagle Mountain Construction



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