Dec. 4th Workshop Well-Received

The first certification event sponsored by OSU in conjunction with the Office of Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Business (OMWESB), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Oregon Business Development Department (OBDD), Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS), and Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR), was well received by the small but energetic group of business owners. The speakers all provided useful information and helpful tips to navigating the benefits of certification.

“Great class, great speakers. Can’t wait to bid some jobs for OSU set asides for WMESB.”


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2 Replies to “Dec. 4th Workshop Well-Received”

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for visiting our blog. We look forward to posting updates to events and other MWESB relevant topics in the future. Come back again soon!

  2. Hi Paige,
    Thank you for visiting our blog! It is a work in progress and I hope you will return soon to see more updates.

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