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March 11th, 2010

Good morning,

It has been awhile since I last touched base with everyone. The building has been pretty undemanding as far as emergent issues. The department has been staying busy with work orders and general maintenance. We are also getting geared up for Spring break. We have many projects to get done during the break. You will see the crew and our students running around the building in various states of designing, building, repairing, replacing and a plethora of other things. I will certainly keep you updated with what to expect as we move along.

For now, you must come down and take a look at how nice office lighting can be with the right fixture, lamp and lumen’s. Until then, here is before and after pictures. In the first one, you are to look at the wall color difference between Sid and Mikes offices. They have the exact paint color, but the lighting makes them look totally different. In the second one, you can see (hopefully) that the wall color is the same again after both offices were updated with new lighting. As I said earlier, you must come down and take a look at what the correct lighting can do for a space.

Sid's office painted Sid’s office with new lighting
Mike's office with new lighting Mike’s office with new lighting



Parcella was kind enough to provide the Spring Break building hours. They are as follows; 

The building is open until 8pm Friday, 3/19. Then closed to the public, but housing the FFA convention on Saturday 3/20 from 7a-9p. We’re closed Sunday 3/21. The following week, we’re open Mo-Fr, 7:30am-5pm, with Spring Visit 10a-5p on Fr 3/26. We’re closed the weekend of 3/27, 28. Regular hours begin again on Mo 3/29.

Until next time,


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