On the 27th of December the crane for the Student Experience Center (SEC) will arrive.  Jefferson street will be closed so that the parts for the crane can be laid out and assembled.  It should be erected the same day or on the 28th.  Once in place it will start moving the steel for the building into place.  Keep track of the progress from the SEC webcam.


Memorial Union “Snow Plow” in actionStephenGay-Web

Snow day at the Oregon State University Memorial Union means everyone from Building Services department has a shovel in hand.  Starting before 6 am this morning (December 6, 2013) the crew was assessing the snow condition, monitoring campus plans and laying out a plan of action.  The goal is to provide safety for all the visitors to the Memorial Union today.  Pictured here are Carpenter and Painter Gary Beedle de-icing the steps, Electrician Don Davison sweeping walk ways and Project Coordinator Stephen Gay behind his “snow plow”.





CHP_MU Access Slide

The annual Children’s Holiday Party is scheduled for December seventh this year.  The event is for children from ages 5 to 10 with check in from 12 to 12:30 PM and activities from 12:30 to 4 PM.  Pre-register online at:

This is the oldest ongoing program organized by the Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC).  The first one took place in 1950.  MUPC’s first advisor was Leone Johnson who started in 1948 and created MUPC that same year.  Mrs. Johnson was know by her students as Mrs. J.

“The first Holiday party featured ice cream and cake served in the tearoom (MU 109) and a small program featuring a visit from Santa Claus was presented in the main lounge.  It was a thrilling affair for me with our program council student having the time of their lives entertaining the little kids”, Mrs. J. recalls. “The Major (Ed Allworth, first director of the Memorial Union was know as “the Major” by many on campus), had his grandchildren there and a large group of staff children was on hand.”

Below is a photo of one of the first Children’s Holiday Party events in the MU Lounge.   Standing in front of the children in the white night gown is Jane Goudy, MUPC’s student coordinator of the event.  Jane is the mother of Joyce Goudy Powell, who was also an MUPC student coordinator during her time at OSU.  The Memorial Union Powell Leadership center is named after her.

CHPweb copy



Communication is becoming more visual.  People today have many channels to communicate to each other.  It could be person-to-person, email, social media, and more.  To attract peoples attention videos are a grown avenue of tell our story.  Over the last year and half, the Memorial Union has been using talented students to help us communicate through videos.  Each week I want to take some time to show case at least one of these videos. This week I have links to 5 videos created over the last year highlighting units within the organization.  Enjoy.

Center for Leadership Development by James Thomas

Craft Center by Patricia Djuhadi

MU Building Services by Joseph Long

Design Studio by Natasha Raines

Student Experience Center History by Julie Knapp

This is week five of fall term here at Oregon State University and the end of the week we have three major celebration coming together: Halloween, Beaver Nation Football home game and Dad’s and Family Weekend.  The student community is spreading the word on how beavers can #beSAFE, #beSMART, #takeCARE and #thinkCOMMUNITY.  Three students from the Student Events and Activities Center (SEAC); Vania, Alan and Fatima have create a video to get the word out.


Check out their video by clicking on the #beBEAVERBOLD icon above or follow this link:



CORVALLIS, Ore. – The hub of the Oregon State University campus is getting a remake – and a new home for student programs.

Construction began this month on a $42 million project that will add a four-story Student Experience Center to campus. Located on the site of the old Beaver Store parking lot, the 90,000-square-foot building will house many of the student programs now residing in the Memorial Union, MU East and Snell Hall. Student fees are funding the project.

“In all, some 28 programs will relocate to the Student Experience Center when it is completed,” said Michael Henthorne, executive director of the Memorial Union. “A neat facet to the project will be construction of a plaza, which is an 8,000-square-foot canopy that will link the new center with the Memorial Union and host student and university events.

“A rain-protected, outdoor space was the number one student-requested improvement,” Henthorne added.

Among the programs that will be housed in the new Student Experience Center are the Associated Students of OSU, the Memorial Union Program Council, International Students of OSU, Student Media, Diversity Development, the Student Sustainability Initiative and others.

The building will also include a reflection space and several lounge areas.

The site of the former Beaver Store, which is relocated to a new space at the parking garage, will be remodeled, Henthorne said. When construction is completed, the space will include a 350-seat meeting facility, several student lounges, a new restaurant operated by the Memorial Union called North Porch Café, and a dance rehearsal space that can double as meeting space.

Portions of the Memorial Union will be remodeled, with some projects beginning now, and others after the completion of the Student Experience Center, when student programs and organizations relocate.

Among the new features of the Memorial Union:

  • Many Hands Trading will lease a space beginning this fall;
  • OSU Printing and Mailing will open a new retail and service headquarters this fall, including a full post office and package mailing center;
  • The University ID Center will relocate to the MU in 2015;
  • A new “high-tech” meeting facility will be installed in 2015;
  • A family-friendly study lounge will open in 2015 with child resources for parents accompanied by small children.

LINK: Construction booming on OSU campus – and more is on the way


If you have been in Corvallis that last few days, you know we have had a lot of rain.  With over 3 inches of rain, shattering a 102-year-old record.

SEC Exterior 5

Seeing student activities in the Memorial Union Quad during these down pours is a vivid reminder why one of the most popular elements of the new construction next to the Memorial Union is an 8,000 square foot covered plaza.

SEC Exterior 4

Construction of the new Student Experience Center and covered plaza is scheduled to be completed in December of 2014.  You can watch construction progress via a webcam.



















An Ode to Fall in the MU

(Cadence to T’was the Night Before Christmas)


T’was the week before school starting, and all through the MU

Every person was stirring, especially the building crew

With Many Hands fully stocked and Buenos smells in the air

Everyone was sure the lines of students soon would be there


The student employees are ready, all pumped up from words said

As training goes on and on (and on) in our heads

With summer days gone, and START nearly a wrap

We all have awoken from our long summers nap (ha-ha)


When out on the Quad there came such a sound

It was the Beaver Community fair and a DJ Battle ground

No matter how tightly our windows are closed together

We cannot avoid the sound of the giant metal woodpecker


The harvest moon will soon rest on raindrops falling slow

As Fall sounds of “Go Beavs” echo with an orange glow

And what should are wanderings eyes focus on

But the beautiful new Beaver on the helmets we now don


With big bucky teeth and the orange color of a new penny

I knew in a moment it must be the new Benny

More pointy than before his nose has become

But in the end we will like him because he’s the only one


Now MU, now SLI, now Student Media

On Craft Center, On Basement, on Marketing and help me Wikipedia

To the start of the term, to the first day of class,

Now come on team let’s just kick some…butt.


Happy Fall Term everyone – and to Fall a GOOD LUCK!!!


A little Monday Humor from,

Eric Alexander (yes, I was avoiding writing my dissertation yesterday)



OwenJonesWebOwen Jones is the 2013-14 Memorial Union President.  An accountancy major from Portland, Owen has been involved with the Memorial Union and campus activities since starting at OSU.  He is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, serving on the philanthropy and community service committees, IFC committee member, long time volunteer for the Red Cross Blood Drive and social activities coordinator for his resident hall.  At the Memorial Union Owen has served on the advisory board for the last two years and has worked in the Guest Services office, both at the information desk and in event support. He has also been involved with the Oregon Association of Student Councils since 2011.


Owen Jones has stated that his goal as MU President is to work with student leaders to form a foundation for extensive collaboration within and beyond the walls of the new SEC. As an example Owen said; “I thrive in diverse atmospheres.  My fraternity has brought me closer together with young men who have unique backgrounds and diverse ways of thinking. When setting team goals, solving problems, and working together, embracing variety leads to success. I go to my brothers when I am in need of aid because they always provide me with a solution I would not have discovered on my own. I envision this same reliability and willingness to share and communicate within the SEC. Cultural centers can exchange tips on how to throw more successful events, student groups can coordinate with student media more efficiently to promote events, and students will be able to accomplish more than ever have before.”


He believes it is important for leaders to identify the strengths present in a team, inspire individuals to foster those strengths, and turn their focus towards a common goal.  “As a result, when on a team, I recognize the importance of each individual player and work to channel their abilities towards accomplishing the team’s goals. One of my goals as MU President would be to increase community awareness about MU opportunities, thereby laying a foundation for an increase in student involvement in future years. This requires strong communication between student media, MU facilities, and SLI,” said Owen.