During winter break and part of winter term 2013 there was great concern expressed over the “Windows and Mirrors” art exhibit displayed in the Memorial Union Concourse Art Gallery. The Memorial Union staff and the Veterans Council have worked diligently to address these concerns and agree on a reasonable process for ensuring similar concerns can be avoided in future exhibits. This new process will honor Veterans and other special interest group by gathering their input on any exhibit which may contain controversial content.

ASOSU Director of Veteran Affairs Julie Stewart and Memorial Union President Michael Fashana are pleased to announce the following provisions produced by the dialogue around this issue: “…If the art committee determines that an exhibit may have potential content that is controversial the committee will comprise these additional members [representatives from related parts of the organization”:

  •  A student from the MU Board
  • A student from the SEAC program

In addition, the committee will notify the Memorial Union Leadership Team for review and provide input as it relates to:

  •  Identifying what organizations, groups or individuals in an advisory role would be contacted for input and notification.
  •  Outreach to campus community members that might be affected ~Creating educational/public engagement materials and opportunities
  • Publishing channels for expressing feedback ~ Other exhibit modifications that could improve the exhibit experience for all in the OSU community

To apply for a MU Advisory Board position or seat on the MU Concourse Art Gallery Selection Committee contact Michael Fashana, MU President at

 Michael Ryan Fashana

Memorial Union President | Oregon State University

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