The Memorial Union terrestrial globe has return to its home of the last 85 years.

With the return of the 1928 globe to the Memorial Union after restoration, we decided to create an update version of the first photo of the Memorial Union’s globe.  We have no idea who the three students are in the 1928 photograph.  We have searched OSU Archive and Beaver Yearbooks with no luck.  We do know our current students; all involved in the Memorial Union activities.  From left to right:

Nicole Hernandez, Art major and curator of the MU Concourse Gallery

Suzanna Shakya, Civil Engineering major ISOSU Internal Coordinator

Fatimah Almousawi, Bio-resource Research major and prior Saudi Arabian Student Association and Student Event and Activities Center leader

The photograph was taken by Julie Knapp, Digital Communications Arts major.  I am sure future students and staff will care for this historic globe, one of only three in the United States for the next 85 years. That means students at Oregon State University in the year 3000 will be looking at an image of Nicole, Suzanna and Fatimah and thinking about the time they spent in the Memorial Union lounge.

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